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Battle of Midway: Awww, You Sank my Battleship

Battle of Midway: Awww, You Sank my Battleship


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Battle of Midway
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I haven’t a clue why any of you would know this, but if you aren’t already aware, I happen to be quite the Battleship aficionado. A large portion of my college years was filled with online playing (back in the MSN Games days), often late into the evening. All of that to say, I have more than a particular affinity for the game.

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Which is why I’m absolutely stoked to be bring you the review we’re doing today.

Battle of Midway, from Shenzhen Huo Dong Jia Internet Technology Co.,Ltd, is an exciting new Android take on the classic game “Battleship” and it near perfectly recreates the action you’re used to, down to the “You sank my battleship!” message.

And for those players that are new to the area, there’s a lot of fun to be had playing it against the AI or your friends with HotSeat mode.

For more of our review, you need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

If you haven’t ever played the classic Mattel game Battleship, then let me be the first to give you the low down: It starts with a square board full of individual grid positions. Players then put five boats across their side of the game board. Afterward, players take turns guessing grid positions for volleys—A6, for instance would be the top row, sixth square. If that call happens to hit an opponent’s boat, then that information can be used to extrapolate the boat’s resting position. When all the spots that boat occupies are hit, that boat is sunk.

Battle of Midway Android Game

Battle of Midway Android Game

In this way, players compete until one whole navy has been defeated. This is also exactly how Battle of Midway works, only it’s a game in your pocket instead of a game on a table. Otherwise, everything is just about the same.

You start a game by laying out your ships, or Battle of Midway is happy to do this for you. You then point your targets at your opponent, hoping for a hit. The game offers two unique game modes, as well: One lets players shoot until they miss, while the other offers only single volleys per turn. Either way, it’s exactly the kind of classic fun you want.

Outside of this, the game’s fruit doesn’t fall far from the classic Battleship tree. You can engage in local, hand-off multiplayer, or battle it out against the enemy AI. Either way, it’s a blast, and a bout of gameplay we highly recommend.

This is also a terrific option for Family Game Night, as it recreates the board game so faithfully.

Design and Graphics

In fact, the only area where Battle of Midway loses any points is in its design. The game, simply put, isn’t the most handsome of titles we’ve ever seen. That being said, it’s not quite the ugliest either. It has a certain Command and Conquer aesthetic to it that’s slightly outdated, but also not harsh on the eyes. Rather, it’s the small details like the grainy water and sparse interface that chip away a few points here and there.

That being said, it’s hardly a disappointingly designed title. The controls are unbelievably simple, and there’s no strain at all in setting up a match. All in all, no points lost for layout, though the graphics may leave you wanting slightly.

Overall Value

It also greatly helps Battle of Midway that it’s completely free in the Google Play Store. It is advertisement supported, but the occasional pop-up is certainly worth the free Battleship-style gameplay you’re getting.

All in all, for fans of the old classic, or those looking to enjoy it anew on the go, there’s no better option than Battle of Midway.

Battle of Midway earns a solid four out of five stars from us, as well as our hearty recommendation. Take it from one who knows—this one’s a keeper!

qrcode.26714992Battle of Midway requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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