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Strike Quickly and Save the Galaxy in Jaeger Strike

Strike Quickly and Save the Galaxy in Jaeger Strike


 Price: $1.67
Jaeger Strike
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Reviewed by John Chau

Jaeger Strike, released by Uberactive Game Studios, is an exciting and unique arcade shoot ’em up style of game that will get your heart thumping.

Fun to play and highly addictive, Jaeger Strike will keep you entertained for hours as you launch your Jaeger on a fast paced mission and take on intergalactic foes.

We love its stunning 3D graphics that separate this game from most others and make Jaeger Strike such a thrill ride beyond all of those 2D shmups out there.

Tired of seeing the same type of games constantly on the Marketplace without much variance? Download this one and let us know what you think.


Jaeger Strike is chockful of tons of features and contains 10 missions with three different difficulty levels, allowing even the most hardcore gamer to have a decent challenge.

Jaeger Strike Android Game

Jaeger Strike Android Game

This action game stands out not just because of the 3D graphics but it also has great special effects and sounds.

Ever want to blow up a space station? Jaeger Strike even allows the player to do just that.

Jaeger Strike contains upgrades that are unlocked after beating bosses, which can be installed or uninstalled on the Jaeger ship.

The upgrades are all visible as well, allowing players to have a higher degree of customization for their ship.

Jaeger Strike even utilizes Google Play Services, allowing high-scores and achievements to be viewed by others.

Appearance and Layout

The effort that the developer, Uberactive Game Studios, has put into this game’s appearance is pretty obvious and pays off in spades. It is definitely well-made by with its smooth, flowing, 3D graphics.

The layout of Jaeger Strike is also crafted well, with easily accessibly menus and simple, self-explanatory options.

It allows four different methods of controlling the Jaeger ship, ranging from tilt controls to tap controls, all of which are accessibly through the in-game menu.

The option to turn the vibration on or off is included in the options, and adds a nice touch and level of realism to the game.


The value of Jaeger Strike is great!

Although it is not free ($1.67 in the Google Play Store), Jaeger Strike is well worth the buck you’ll spend to get it on your phone.

The level of detail and the massive amount of replayability in Jaeger Strike easily make it worth it.

Overall, Jaeger Strike is one of the best arcade style shoot ’em ups!

At only 50MB and less that a dollar to download, Jaeger Strike definitely gets a 5 out of 5.

Jaeger StrikeJaegerQR requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Great game. Really awesome top down shooter.

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