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Save Time with Power Tap

Save Time with Power Tap

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Power Tap
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Reviewed by John Chau

Power Tap, developed by Socrates Gekas, is a remarkable free Android app that can save you time and effort every day.

With Power Tap you can easily open your favorite apps and quickly access your phone’s utilities so using your phone becomes less of a chore.


It enables its users to quickly and easily access a variety of Android functions that you would otherwise either have to go digging for through the Settings app or use multiple gadgets.

These functions include  toggling the WiFi, Mobile Data, Sound, Vibrate, Flashlight, Screen Light, and Bluetooth.

Choose whichever Activation Setting you’d like, and power up Power Tap with a variety of options, ranging from clicking your phone’s Power Button thrice to merely pushing a combination of the Power Button and the Volume Button up or down.

While it really shines as a simple and easy way to quickly access your in-phone camera to take quick photos, or make phone calls, it also simplifies the access of common utilities, and allows the user to add in their favorite apps and contact numbers.


Power Tap Android App

All one needs to do is simply tap on their Action of choice and Power Tap will complete whatever that is, whether that means calling a friend, accessing a favorite app, or more.

A great way to increase everyday productivity and save time, Power Tap is a hub for streamlining a users Android experience.

Appearance and Layout

Socrates Gekas did a great job with providing a simple and non-confusing layout, an easy to read font, and more importantly, an effective way to get things done.

Power Tap appears a bit like a task manager or control panel,  but its functions are far more versatile. It’s very user friendly and its ease of user-modification makes evident the amount of work that the developer has put into it.

With quite a few easy-to-use Layout settings, and  well-managed User Interfaces, Power Tap is a a must-have for the everyday Android user.


Overall, the value of Power Tap is amazing, especially since it’s a free app. It will save you time and simplify the adjustments you make to your phone everyday.

While it is an ad supported app, Power Tap offers some very useful shortcuts making it an excellent value.

PowetapqrPower Tap requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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