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Start: The Only Android Lock Screen That Matters

Start: The Only Android Lock Screen That Matters


Price: Free
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When it comes to Android phones, our absolute best part of the whole equation is that most central of ingredients—the lock screen. After all, isn’t it the one aspect of your phone you see the most? Why not make it pop, sizzle and explode with increased functionality, or a more aesthetically pleasing exterior? What about both?

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you want your cake, and would like to eat it too, Start, from Celltick, is the ideal lock screen for your needs.

It comes feature-packed, and takes almost no time to setup. It’s also completely free, and can revitalize your phone in an instant.

For more information about this killer app, see our full review below!

Concept and Functionality

If you haven’t played around with your lock screen before, then let us fill you in on the details: Android, by default, comes standard with a factory-provided mode.

However, by simply downloading and installing an application like Start from the Google Play Store, you can change absolutely everything about this part of your phone’s setup.

Why would you like to do this? Let’s have a look at the functionality Start provides.

Start Android App

Start Android App

By dragging from the center lock, you can immediately access a wide number of your favorite apps, or even a specific category of apps. You can, of course, define these in Start’s settings. Don’t want that? Well, try dragging one of the app’s many tabs out from the side.

Using these tabs, you can easily access your weather, your tweets, your music, your photos, your playlists, or even your quick settings. The latter is particularly effective, especially as you can change your essentials without actually unlocking the phone. 

Perhaps the best part of the application, though, is its open platform. Want to change one of your tabs out for another? You can do that! Want to update the theme with a new look? Not a problem either.

Change up your unlock applications, and you can access what you need even faster. It’s fast, efficient, and endlessly customizable.

Design and Interface

While we certainly love all the great functionality Start provides, we have to admit that our absolute favorite part of Start is how it looks—it’s downright gorgeous.

We have yet to see a factory-standard lock screen that we prefer to it. In fact, it’s the most effortless, good-looking, and straight-froward lock screen we have ever seen. On top of that, it could not be simpler to edit your layout, either.

It’s also worth noting that Start seems to run faster on our phones than most standard deviations. We haven’t tried it out on enough phones to call it a conclusive test, but in our limited experience, adding Start to your device will likely increase it’s end-game speed.

Overall Value

Better still, though, is the fact that Start won’t cost you a single dime. You can download it today from the Google Play Store without spending a cent. That’s a brilliant point of value, and with all of its unwavering benefits—plus Start’s developers dedication to the application itself, via updates—there’s no good reason not to have the app.

It’s beautiful, it’s fast, and it’s also completely free. With that in mind, we cannot recommend Start to you enough.

qrcode.26777309Start requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. I am concerned at the wide range of of permissions required by this app.Do you think they are appropriate.

  2. Hate, but can’t seem to delete it.

  3. Would rate it 5 stars if I could get rid of the double lock problem. Even after selecting the none option, I still have the same double lock. I have a 2014 Moto X, running lollipop (Android 5.0).

    • Would rate it 5 stars if I could get rid of the double lock problem. Even after selecting the none option, I still have the same double lock. I have a 2014 Moto X, running lollipop (Android 5.0).

  4. Wow, paid to review an app that is so full of ads and fluff that to call it free should be a crime.

    Like most apps today that are “free” it bombards you with ads and takes out features that their users like and push ones that make them more revenue. Oh for the days when people made things better just to do it rather than to make a profit.

  5. Does it integrate the fingerprint scanner of the Note 5?

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