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DU Speed Booster: The Best All-in-One Android Scrubber for Your Device

DU Speed Booster: The Best All-in-One Android Scrubber for Your Device


Price: Free
DU Speed Booster | Cache Cleaner
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

There’s one aspect of Android phone ownership that we absolutely cannot stand: The clutter. It’s inevitable, really.

Unlike the iPhone, where everything is sanitized, kept behind locked doors, and cleaned from the get-go (with a lot of restrictions, albeit) Android phones are open to the breeze. You can download, install and run anything you want. This is both freeing, and trash-inducing.

However, all the pain of that freedom can now be removed, thanks to an absolutely essential application called DU Speed Booster, from DU Apps.

We can’t believe we ever owned an Android phone without it. The tool comes loaded for bear with more than enough utilities to get your device back on the tracks to effortless, lighter-than-air usage.

Don’t believe us? Check below for our full review. Starting with:

Concept and Functionality

If you have ever used some form of cleaner suite for your computer (like CCleaner  or Clean My Mac) then you have a pretty good idea of how DU Speed Booster works. It serves as a tool locker for all of the functions you need to get your phone back to blazing fast speeds.

DU Speed Booster Android App

DU Speed Booster Android App

To start off, the app will scan your device to check for areas of inefficiency. Anything it finds it will report to you, that way you can begin you quest for speed. Usually, you’ll want to start by checking your available system RAM.

DU Speed Booster lets you do this easily thanks to its RAM page. It will show you exactly how much of your space is being taken up, and by what applications. Use the handy-dandy included tools to shut down processes you don’t want, and don’t worry about system stuff: It’s all automatically recognized and kept out of harm’s way.

The application also lets you clean out your system caches and trash, freeing up even more available disk space. That means more applications added to your phone, more photos in your gallery, or anything else you want!

Need more room? Just use the app to find large, unused files for quick deletion. DU Speed Booster will even boost the performance of games you mark as “resource intensive.”

Design and Interface

Now, there are a lot of apps on the market that will do everything DU Speed Booster does. Some of them are even as old as the platform itself. However, none of them are as sharp-looking, or as high-functioning as DU Speed Booster.

Simply put, this is one of the smoothest and most eye-pleasing utilities we have ever seen on the platform.

It’s so easy to use, absolutely anyone can. Don’t want to mess with any of the details? Just click the “all-in-one” button, and DU Speed Booster will go to town with an automated clean-up. It’s quick, efficient, and endlessly easy on the eyes.

Overall Value

And did we mention that DU Speed Booster is completely free in the Google Play Store? Yes, you heard that correctly. Today you can download it without any fuss or muss, and immediately reap those benefits. There really is no downside to having this gem installed!

DU Speed Booster is the best utility of its kind on the market. There is no better tool to free up space on your phone, and increase its performance. And with a free price tag included, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out!

qrcode.26777446DU Speed Booster the version of Android that is required varies by device. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. I like this app a lot. It does what it said as advertised. One downside is that it is not compatible with tablets.

  2. My one star is because when I read then installed the app from daily drip it installed zero launcher. I had to uninstall it but it changed my custom background. Not happy about that. I went back and checked and ALL the links went to zero launcher. However I did find DU cleaner in the app store. About to try it out.

  3. Installed then uninstalled.changed my entire home screen without even lauching

  4. Who is Zero? All links go t Play store and Zero product is offered. Zero was not mentioned anywhere in article. What is up with Zero software?

  5. Cannot install on phone. When tapping on DU Booster at the bottom of the article about the app in Drippler, it redirects you to an app called Zero Launcher in the G. Play Store, so you can’t access it.

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