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Record Yourself With The Parrot App

Record Yourself With The Parrot App

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Parrot – Voice Recorder
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Reviewed by John Chau

Parrot, developed by Searing Media Inc., is a fresh voice recording app that is incredibly customizable and yet superbly simple to use.

It’s perfect for average users and artisans alike and can be utilized for such simple tasks as recording notes (or your boring professor while you sleep) to complex musical drafts as you belt out your favorite song cover.


This voice recorder is similar to the built-in Android recording app, but it’s slight differences make it a few steps above. For example, it has no time limits or functionality limits, and uses it own sound wave graph (that may or may not actually help you in your recording).

Parrot also has the ability to be used in the background while you do other work on your Android, and it can be used alongside other apps while you’re in class or meetings, or even with the Android Wear wrist device.

Of course it offers the three basic functions that all recording apps have: Record, Play, Share. But where it really shines is in its Recording Options, by having different formats (WAV or MP4), sample rates, and bit rates offered.

Users can also set their own custom gain, although Parrot does utilize the built-in Android recording effects to cancel out unstable noises.

Parrot also has three different Playback options, namely Bass Boost, Volume Boost, and Preset Reverb.

Parrot Android App

Overall, Parrot has numerous features that make it different than the other recording apps currently on the market. 

Appearance and Layout

Parrot’s layout does not break any new ground in app design, but it is simple to use.

The icons and buttons are easily read or discerned, and although the color scheme is rather interesting, it does not take away from the overall aspect of the app.

Overall, Parrot is easy to use, and it is clean and fresh in its appearance.


Parrot is a free app with no ads or restrictions, which definitely puts Parrot up  towards the top of the list.

A small app at only 1.1 MB, Parrot is quite a bit better than the built-in Android recording app in both its appearance and its level of optimization.

Overall, Parrot does precisely what it is supposed to do – it records, and it records wonderfully.

Parrot - Voice RecorderParrot – Voice Recorder
 requires Android 4.4 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Fails to display waveform on Galaxy S5 and start/ stop not v precise.

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