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Don’t Miss Your Stop Playing “Where’s My Stuff?”

Don’t Miss Your Stop Playing “Where’s My Stuff?”

Price: Free
Hidden Object Adventure *Free* (Where’s My Stuff)
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Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Where’s My Stuff? (aka Hidden Object Adventure *Free*), from Jarbull, is a very addictive and very well designed hidden object game.

This hidden object game strikes the perfect balance between enough difficulty and not too difficult, providing excellent replay capability along with a fun storyline that, while not essential to finding the hidden objects, makes for a humorous thread throughout the 18 levels of play.


When you first start up this adventure you meet the main guy who is facing a confusing morning and needs to find some of this stuff among a very cluttered room. The drawing of the room is top-notch and includes an amazing assortment of items for you to peruse.

Some of the items in the room seem trivial, some are unexpected, and any one of them may be one that you have to find. The only clue you have to go on is the name of the first three items you need to locate along with an ongoing counter that tells you how many of the total items you have left to find.

By pinching and zooming you can make out even the smallest details, but even so, many of the items are a challenge to identify because they are placed so well. If you get too frustrated you can use a hint which will show you where an item is in the room. You start with 3 hints and if you need more you have to buy them with coins that you earn by downloading and running an app or, in some cases, responding to an ad.

Hidden Object Adventure *Free* Android Game

Hidden Object Adventure *Free* Android Game

When you’ve found all the items you can move onto the next level provided that you’ve accumulated enough points. If not, you can replay the same level, with some different items to find, although the second time around should be easier since you’re familiar with the room, or go for the free coins as mentioned before.

Appearance and Layout

We were quite impressed with the quality of the drawings and how well, in general, all the items really look like what they’re supposed to be. Sometimes the items are where you’d expect, such as a trophy sitting on a shelf, sometimes not, such a pencil on the blade of a ceiling fan, and sometimes they’re just images on some other item, like a music symbol on the side of a computer monitor.

After searching for a time you’ll swear that the item you’re looking for does not exist in the room, but trust us, it’s there.

Every room or location looks great and has items that are mostly appropriate for it. Whether it’s a bedroom, a garage, or the front yard of the house. All of the items are well drawn and hidden just well enough to make it a challenge that you can feel good about completing.


Since the game is free, does not have any IAPs, and you don’t even have to go for the free coins if you’re patient, we think this game is one heck of a great value.

If you’re a fan of hidden object games, this is one that you are sure to enjoy and can play over and over again.

Where’s My Stuff? gets a solid 5 stars and our hearty endorsement.

hiddenobject-qrHidden Object Adventure *Free* requires Android 2.2+.

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