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Keep in Touch with Long Time No Calls

Keep in Touch with Long Time No Calls

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Long Time No Calls
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Reviewed by John Chau

Long Time No Calls, created by Android app developer Tarun Goyal, will remind you when you need to call your friends again to help maintain your connection with them.

Ever forget when you last called your best friend (or acquaintance, teammate, etc.)? How about when you last spoke to that guy you promised to keep in touch with?

Long Time No Calls helps resolve that question and make your friends not feel lonely by tracking your call log and sending you friendly reminders for when a call might be due.


Long Time No Calls keeps you in contact with your pals by letting you add your existing contacts into groups and set up how often you’d like to talk to them.

It analyzes your call logs and will send an automatic reminder when you need to call someone, as well as interesting call data for each contact.

By prioritizing your call list, Long Time No Calls makes it easy to simply look at the app and call the first person on the list, thereby eliminating the need to have to scroll down to find an unreached contact.

Long Time No Calls is a bit unique from a stock reminder app by both its personalization of the status message for each contact, and its use of a proprietary algorithm that should (theoretically) motivate you to give that person a call.


Long Time No Calls Android App

This is a decent app to use to keep your acquaintances from falling into the nominal fog of somebody that you used to know. While this app is targeted at personal relationships, it would certainly also help anyone stay in periodic touch with their business acquaintances and sales prospects.

The fact that this app does not export any data from your phone to an outside server is not only comforting to individual users but is a key factor in making this usable in a business setting.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Long Time No Calls gives a fresh vibe of smoothness. The color scheme is great and the menu layout is well designed and easy to use.

The status text and emoticons are simplistic and easily discernable, even for non tech-savvy individuals.

The overall app feels genuinely solid and stable, although it did crash twice during this reviewer’s use (but worked fine afterwards).


Long Time No Calls is a free app, and at less than 3 MB, it certainly would not hurt to download and use it.

As already mentioned, this app does not export any of your data to external servers, keeping your phone information yours only, and we appreciate the developer’s focus on privacy.

So no need to worry about your call history being publicized to anyone!

Overall, Long Time No Calls is a great app for anyone with a large network of connections, acquaintances, or business contacts. Although with close friends it might be redundant.

LTNCQR Long Time No Calls requires Android 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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