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Keep Track of Your Automotive Records with AUTOsist

Keep Track of Your Automotive Records with AUTOsist

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Reviewed by John Chau

AUTOsist, developed by its namesake AUTOsist, is here to help you store and manage those curled up yellowed car maintenance records that are crammed into your car’s glovebox.

(Editor’s Note: the original rating of this app, 4.5 out of 5 stars, has been upgraded to 5 out of 5 stars since this app has been updated in version 2.0 to include a “Reminders” feature. See comment below.)

Simple and easy to use, AUTOsist does exactly what it is supposed to – it keeps your car records safe in the cloud, and allows you to easily share them with others (if, say, you’ve decided to finally sell your car).


AUTOsist’s features revolve around its essential function of keeping your auto’s records secure and easily accessible, and lets you either upload or take photos of your vehicle’s records. This applies as well to other documents that may be needed or that you like to have in a handy, easily accessible place (like your phone).

We especially like how AUTOsist lets you run a report that will show your vehicle’s service history to potential buyers. After all, what good it a records management system if you can’t get the right reports out of it?

In the event that a buyer has finally decided to buy your vehicle, a simple tap of the finger will transfer your vehicle’s records to the buyer.

AUTOsist includes a search function, allowing you to quickly find the records you need and also enables you to add notes for things like tire pressure, oil type, accident reports, or whatever else you deem important.

Finally, it enables you to add multiple vehicles with their own separate maintenance records.


AUTOsist Android App

Overall, AUTOsist is a splendid app for the average vehicle owner, with the only suggestion being for the developers to make it better by adding in the ability to see, or be alerted to, when you would need to change your oil and other routine maintenance tasks.

Appearance and Layout

The layout and appearance of AUTOsist is quite smooth and eye-appealing, without the clutter of unnecessary icons or ads.

The ease of access to toggle through any of its functions is outstanding, and by being paired with the ability to quickly and easily search your database of vehicles makes compelling enough for this reviewer to use with his own vehicles.

The overall simplicity and cleanness definitely makes AUTOsist stand out among other organizational-type apps, especially with its unique filing system, shareable data, and overall layout.


The value of AUTOsist is top notch, because not only is it free and only a mere 5.6 MB, but it also has no ads.

Overall, we highly recommend AUTOsist for anyone who owns a vehicle; including cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, and anything else with wheels and an engine. In addition, if the developers decide to update it with a way to remind the user when they should change their oil, then the overall rating of AUTOsist would certainly be a 5/5.

AUTOASSISTQRAUTOsist requires Android 3.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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