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Get Motivated to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Pledge

Get Motivated to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Pledge

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Weight Loss Pledge
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Reviewed by John Chau

Weight Loss Pledge, created by Swensota Software, will provide you with the extra motivation you need to lose those extra pounds that you gained over the holidays.

Released just in time for us to use to help stay with our New Year’s resolutions, Weight Loss Pledge promises to help you lose that flab.

Weight Loss Pledge is a motivational tool backed by scientific studies that uses financial rewards to help you stay motivated to keep on losing that weight and achieve  your fitness goals.


This app features a simple and easy way to track your weight loss for each week. Having weekly goals is key, according to the developers, and this app helps you break down your long range goal into smaller weekly goals that studies have shown are easier to accomplish. It also adds some extra motivation through financial incentives to keep you on track.

One thing we’d like to see added to this app is the option to make a more public pledge. A key factor in being motivated to reach a tough goal is to make the pledge to do it in front of others who you don’t want to disappoint. This strategy is used in a wide variety of programs that help people kick bad habits, including overeating.

Weight Loss Pledge allows the user to set their weekly weight loss goal with an incentive of tokens. If the user fails to achieve their weekly weight loss goal, then the token(s) is(are) deducted from their account.

The penalty (or incentive, depending how one sees it) is completely up to the user to set, allowing for more external accountability as compared to the user just telling himself that he’ll lose some weight.

Every Sunday at midnight, Weight Loss Pledge will check to see if the user truly did complete their goal, and if successful, then the user gets to keep all of their tokens.

You record your weight in either pounds, kilograms, stones, or other from a simple drop-down menu.

Weight Loss Pledge also features a simple way to view the user’s weekly weight reports by viewing the in-app calendar.


Weight Loss Pledge Android App

Of course Weight Loss Pledge app is only tracking a user’s weight, not their overall health. It’s important to realize that weight alone will not determine a person’s overall healthiness – especially if the user is very muscular.

We point this out for users who are trying to meet their weekly weight goal and workout on a regular basis. After working out all week you may discover that you’ve gained two pounds of muscle while losing one pound of fat, so you have to have reasonable goals that take your lifestyle into account.

Overall, Weight Loss Pledge will be more beneficial to users who have clear weight loss goals and are not at the same time also making significant changes to their lifestyle.

Appearance and Layout

The layout and appearance of Weight Loss Pledge is simplistic and straightforward with no ads and easy to understand menu options.

The font type of the menu screen is slightly unappealing, with cursive text and a dark shadow behind each letter.

Overall, the appearance is very simple – the app is purely designed to do exactly what it says it does and has no frilly elements or unnecessary options. We appreciate the spartan design and simple operation of the app. It’s actually a good example of not “over engineering” an app to be more complicated that it needs to be.


Weight Loss Pledge is free to download, but the user is required to make in-app purchases to buy the necessary incentive tokens.

Each token is $1 USD, and the user can choose how many he or she would like to buy.

We would like to see Weight Loss Pledge include some amount of initial tokens for the user to use when they first start to use the app, as well as the ability to notify a select group about the pledge, either via email or via an in-app function, not Facebook.

The main value in Weight Loss Pledge is that it is an additional accountability measure to help one lose weight.

This is great for those users who are trying to lose weight secretly without wanting to let their friends know, but it certainly can get costly if they fail to make their weekly weight.

Since Weight Loss Pledge can not truly track your physical weight and instead uses the user-inputted data, a user could very easily “cheat” themselves by reporting a false weight so that they won’t need to pay the token(s) required.

Overall, Weight Loss Pledge is great for those who need that extra measure of motivation when it comes to losing weight, but its efficacy will depend on using it as intended with no cheating.

weightlossQRWeight Loss Pledge requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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