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Top 6 Fitness Apps for a Better, Healthier You

Top 6 Fitness Apps for a Better, Healthier You


Get Fit in 2015: Top 6 Fitness Apps for a Better, Healthier You
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It’s the new year, which means a whole lot of New Year’s Resolutions. Now that we’re well into January, let’s make sure you stick to your fitness goals—via your favorite Android device! It’s not as hard as you might think, and with the right tools on your hip, you might yet notice some slimming (on that hip).

For a deeper look at how your Android phone can save your waistline this year, check out our Top 6 Fitness Apps for a Better, Healthier You:


dailyburnDailyBurn: – Free

If you frequent the Internet at all, you’ve probably seen advertisements for this guy out and about. It’s well-established within the digital fitness world, and for good reason: DailyBurn has just about everything you could want in a fitness regime—without going to the gym.

No matter if you’re looking for intense CrossFit-style workouts or a calming yoga session, the app comes with videos and personally customized instruction to get you going. Plus, it comes with a free trial. That means no more excuses, just stiff workouts!


sleepbotSleepBot – Free

There are a lot of these kinds of apps for iOS, but when it comes to an Android sleep utilities, there’s nothing better than SleepBot. The app is detailed, feature-laden, and perfect for those that want to know a little more about their dreaming hours.

Use this coded miracle to set smart alarms, view sleep patterns, create drowsing reminders, and a whole lot more. All for free, as well! Price – Free


instant heart rateInstant Heart Rate – Pro – $1.99

If you’re looking to improve your fitness in 2015, then it’s important to remember what makes it all happen—your heart! It’s the most important organ in your body, which means you should pay extra attention to it while exercising.

What better way than with this $1.99 utility? Just put your finger on your phone’s camera, and Instant Heart Rate will detect your pulse. Store data to track your improvements and monitor any potential problems. Price – $1.99


endomondoEndomondo Sports Tracker PRO – $4.99

But let’s say you really want to step up your fitness game this year. Let’s say you want to accurately track, encourage, and promote your own well-being from the inside out.

If so, there’s no better option that Endomondo. It’s our preferred fitness utility, and it’s easily one of the best applications in the entire Play Store. Use it to create detailed, customized athletic plans based on your interests.

Then, use it to track data about those workouts, socialize with friends, and work your way straight to a healthier lifestyle. Price – $4.99


zombiesZombies, Run! – $3.99

If you’re like us, running is often a tedious, mind-numbing endeavor. To combat this, why not add a horde of undead into your fitness regime? With this beautiful application, it’s easy as pie.

Boot it up, hit the streets, and let the tasteful, finely-crafted narration guide you through a horrifying story. It’s guaranteed to keep you light on your feet. And though it’s not as realistic as actually being chased by zombies, it’s about as close as you’ll ever get.

For just shy of four bucks, that’s completely worth it.


workoutWorkout Goals – Free

In this age of rapidly evolving technology permeating our lives, including our daily workouts, you can make the most of it with up-to-date fitness statistics.

Workout Goals is perfect for those who frequently workout and want to use technology to achieve better results. This app is loaded with tons of features that are attractive to athletes.

These include the basics of keeping track of all of your workouts, as well as the key fitness elements in each of those workouts.


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What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your comments, let us know what apps you’re using and why!


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  1. Some great apps, however, SleepBot has not been updated in over a year. I’m not saying it’s been abandoned, but that made me raise an eyebrow.

  2. Why do you put endomondo above runtastic. I have Been using runtasimtic pro since a year. And I find it much more better than greenish endomondo. Par justify your choice and criterions.

  3. Excellent article. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest. So i want to know some other details about this article. Thanks

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