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Can You Beat Hopping Dot? It’s Not Easy

Can You Beat Hopping Dot? It’s Not Easy

Price: Free
Hopping Dot
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Reviewed by John Chau

DonCon LLC has released Hopping Dot, a  challenging tapping game for Android devices.

Ever had your parents, teachers, or coaches tell you how important timing can be in your life?

Statements like “Don’t do that yet, it’s not the right time!” always seem to abound in conversations with those wise elders, right?

Well, Hopping Dot is just like that – you hop on top of numerous dots, but if you misjudge the timing of any of your jumps, you quickly crash to the earth and have to start over.


Hopping Dot is an extremely simple, yet challenging game, and perfect for a certain type of gamer.

It has just one main feature – tap to enable the dot to hop onto the next dot, and from there onto the following dot as you slowly rack up a decent high score.

Hopping Dot can be rather frustrating sometimes, especially when you hop onto a dot and instead of bouncing off of it, you simply slide through it as if it doesn’t exist, thereby falling to the ground and having to restart.

For those who love a hard challenge, Hopping Dot is perfect. It starts quick and delivers a game that’s among the most difficult we’ve seen.


Hopping Dot Android Game

That being said, the developers of Hopping Dot could make the game more entertaining by adding an easy mode that features a higher tolerance level around each dot.

We think the entertainment value and replay value of this game would be greatly improved for most players if, instead of dying, near misses just decreased the points you earn, or possibly reduce your total causing you to die if your score goes back to zero.

This would prevent the player from sliding through the dot, just because they didn’t time their hop perfectly and ended up landing inside the dot’s circle.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Hopping Dot is sorrily plain with an almost melancholy background that portrays the same clouds slowly scrolling by amid a blue gradiant sky.

Hopping Dot feels very empty, and the dots seem hollow when jumping onto or (if unlucky) through them.

The layout is plain as well, with ads at the top and a three word tutorial telling the user to “Tap to hop.” To be fair though, when you’re playing the game and focused on getting your jump just right, you’re not really paying attention to the layout.

A counter in the top left of the game keeps track of your score and also lists your highest score, both of which are in a very unappealing font type, reminiscent to the number on a football player’s jersey.

Overall, Hopping Dot takes a page from the Flappy Bird playbook delivering a simple game that is frustratingly difficult.


One great thing about Hopping Dot is that it’s free (although it is supported by banner ads at the top) and it’s only 16MB!

Hopping Dot is perfect for those who want a challenge – if you loved playing Flappy Bird, this game is for you. However, be warned, it might not be for those who get frustrated easily.

Depending on your tolerance for frustration, Hopping Dot might be worth the download but we’d like to see some spruced up graphics and a more forgiving level for those just getting started.

HoppingDotQRHopping Dot requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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