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ZAK Adventures is a Fun New Retro Platform Adventure Game

ZAK Adventures is a Fun New Retro Platform Adventure Game

Price: $0.99
ZAK Adventures
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

It’s an all-too common situation: you’re enjoying your afternoon when suddenly a villain pops up out of nowhere and steals your magic crystal, escaping to far off lands. Haven’t we all been there?

Well, in ZAK Adventures, from Evangelos Karamolegkos, you’ll quest to get that crystal back in a solid platform adventure.


ZAK Adventures is a platform action game that really reminds us of the nostalgic console gaming days of yore. With simple graphics and true platformer mechanics, we were transported back to the 90s in a very pleasant way.

The story behind the game is essentially as described above: the villain TOZ has stolen ZAK’s magic crystal and is threatening to use the magic against him. We’re not given much in the way of story beyond that, but it’s certainly sufficient to get us on our quest.

ZAK is a non-descript hero whose most redeeming feature is his medieval-ish hat and the stylish way he spins when you jump.

ZAK Adventures Android Game

ZAK Adventures Android Game

The soundtrack to the game is spritely and energetic and has a reasonable degree of length before it loops around. Given the same track plays through all the stages in the zone, you may end up muting it after a few listens, but it’s not particularly grating.

Concept and Functionality

Controls are handled through three buttons: left, right, and jump. ZAK does have the ability to double jump which will be an utterly necessary skill to master as you proceed through the game.

All of your standard platformer tropes are present here, including jumping challenges across pits and spikes, roaming enemies both on and above the ground, moving platforms in all directions, and assorted traps that will impede your play.

You’re on a timer to complete the level and as you progress you’ll trigger checkpoints that will act as do-over points as ZAK can only withstand one hit but has unlimited lives.

The game, for all its simplicity, is surprisingly challenging in a very fun way.

More than once we found ourselves flung back to the checkpoint over and over again trying to land one particular jump only to make that jump and run straight into a swinging spike.

ZAK Adventures moves at a steady clip so even when you find yourself restarting constantly, it doesn’t feel tedious if only a bit aggravating (but then, that’s what makes it a challenge).

There are crystals to pick up scattered across the level and you’ll find yourself bouncing around a bit to ensure you pick them all up.

Overall Value

For a .99c game on the Google Play Store, we got an enjoyable amount of time out of this app. When we first picked up the app, we spent about half-an-hour just playing straight and only made it to a handful of levels, so expect to get at least three or four hours of enjoyment out of the game.

If you like to play platformers, then ZAK Adventures is definitely a worthwhile addition to your device.


ZAK Adventures requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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