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Online Casinos and Their Apps – Look Before You Leap

Online Casinos and Their Apps – Look Before You Leap


Online Casinos and Their Apps – Look Before You Leap
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Written by Sarah Hanlon

While it’s fun to travel to a brick & mortar casino for a day or a weekend, not everyone lives close enough to a large casino. This is one of the reasons why many people turn to online casinos for entertainment.

These online casinos usually offer hundreds of games and free play, frequently provide an app so you can play at your convenience, and occasionally they allow you to play for real money. However, players should take necessary steps to make sure they’re informed.

Online casinos, and/or their apps, offer quite a bit of convenience, as players don’t have to travel in order to play their favorite games. Plus, every game offered by the casino is available at a player’s fingertips. Usually these sites offer promotions, as well.

Online casino concept with tablet, roulette and chips isolatedIn terms of legality, online casinos are a bit of a gray area in the United States. If you live in a state that allows online gaming, such as New Jersey, you can download apps like 888poker and play from your device, so long as you are physically in the state.

According to Free Slots for Fun, “If you live in the USA . . . many of the big brands will not take you as a customer which means it’s much harder to determine who’s good and who’s not.”

Online gamblers who reside in Europe are under very relaxed regulations. In fact, many governing bodies enact measures to protect online gamblers from scams.

It’s important to be informed when searching for an online casino to play at. There are many websites dedicated to rating and reviewing online casinos. Free Slots for Fun states that “Assuming you don’t recognise the brand name, then I’d suggest looking for three things: where the casino is licensed, what software it uses and who’s behind it.”

The site goes on to say that if a casino’s license jurisdiction is outside of Europe, it’s best to avoid it because these casinos often have a poor reputation for customer service and reliability. Often times they’ll fail to pay winners altogether.

If you’re a US resident, there are quite a few online casinos that will cater to you. Two popular casinos are Loco Panda and Silver Oak Casino. Both of these online casinos require users to download software in order to play.

European residents have many more casinos to choose from, and most of them are operated under recognized brands. Bet365 and RubyFortune are two very well-rated casinos.

While online casinos are a good source of entertainment, it’s important to gamble sensibly. Whether you’re playing for free or playing with real money, be sure to do so responsibly. There are plenty of resources for those suffering from a gambling addiction.

In the US, provides information on how to help yourself or someone you know. In Europe, lets visitors take a self-assessment test and receive help.


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