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smartsays: It’s the Final Frontier of Wrist Entertainment

smartsays: It’s the Final Frontier of Wrist Entertainment

Price: Free
smartsays for Android Wear
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Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.05.24 PMIt’s a brave new world here in 2015, one where we hope to see wearable tech completely overtake the market.

We’re already seeing lots of traction in that direction, and we’re even seeing some advancements we had not expected. “What advancements are those?” you might ask.

As an example, check out smartsays, from Schlawinsky. It’s one of the first games you can download and play directly on your Android Wear watch.

We call it unexpected because we hadn’t considered it a possibility. After all, the wearables market is brand new, and at the moment, still incubating.

And yet there smartsays is!

It’s rocking the cutting edge with good looks, a whole lot of gameplay, and a real pull for the gaming addict.

Here’s what you get with this tight little miracle app: The core concept is exactly the same as the classic Senso or Simon hand-held (now called Simon Swipe), which was originally introduced in 1978. For those too young to remember these, each came with different colored quadrants.

These zones would flash in a specific order, and then you’d have to push them back in precisely the same configuration. Screw it up, and prepare to catapult back to zero. Keep doing it correctly, and the patterns will go faster and become increasingly complicated.

You’d think the developers would be happy with that, but surprisingly they’ve added even more to the bundle. The app comes with several game modes, including a rote memory test.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.05.19 PM

In this one, players simply memorize each pattern like a level, and progress once it’s done correctly. There’s also an “arcade” mode that fires off haphazard patterns in a less recognizable fashion. This also comes with increasing speed and difficulty.

And goshdarn it if the app doesn’t also do it all with tremendous style. Take a look at the title’s site to get a feel for the look of smartsays.

It’s a tight, modernist package, not to mention one bright enough to light up your wrist like a neon sign. Aesthetic sensibility, alongside handy features like achievements and live pauses, make smartsays the best boardroom time waster.

If you’re currently using some form of Android Wear, and want more reason to stare your wrist, smartsays looks to be the best option on the market.

Not only that, but the app really is setting a brand new standard. There’s nothing like it to have come before, and it may be a while before something like it comes again. It’s not Angry Birds on your watch—yet, anyway—but we hope the developers continue to curate its functionality.

As we go to press, smartsays is completely free in the Google Play Store. For those with compatible hardware, it seems like an absolute no-brainer to us.

And if you’ve been wavering on the sale, maybe this will be the news item to swing you around. After all, now that smartsays has broken down the walls of wristwatch gaming, who knows what else may come down the pipes?


smartsays is available for Android Wear and requires Android version 4.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this news item.

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