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Enjoy Your Music More by Sharing with SHARY Social Music Player

Enjoy Your Music More by Sharing with SHARY Social Music Player

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SHARY – Social Music Player
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

One of the problem with our always-connected culture is that frequently we are isolated from one another. This is highly prevalent and has a negative effect on our enjoyment of music.

Music has traditionally been a social experience, which at one time meant circling around the radio or near the stage at a concert, but now, unfortunately, often means sitting with a pair of earbuds locking our music up for just our own listening.

SHARY – Social Music Player from 2421 Moreno, is a fantastic new music player that bridges the gap between listening by ourselves and sharing the experience with our friends as we’re listening to it.

Concept and Functionality

SHARY functionality as a music player is excellent but it’s really about the layer of social tools that it puts on top of your music library, and it does a great job of it.

After an easy registration process, you’re invited to find your friends on the app or invite them to join up.

Once you have a few friends on SHARY its functionality really shines.

The app allows you to play music from your own library for your friends to hear and you can see what your friends are listening to and “tune in” as it were.

To solve the problem of copyright, the app only streams the music to the other user of the app with no storage or downloading taking place. They listen as if they were sitting in the room with you.

SHARY - Social Music Player Android App

SHARY – Social Music Player Android App

In this respect, SHARY really does make it like you and your friends are listening together and sharing the experience of the music.


There are a lot of features packed into this small app. In addition to just listening together, you can also comment on tracks and even open up a private chat room to talk about what you’re hearing while you’re listening.

For those concerned with privacy, SHARY does not store your messages or chats so you don’t have to worry about those conversations escaping your device.

The app is pretty feature-rich. It supports numerous audio formats, shows song lyrics right on the player screen, includes an equalizer to tweek your sound and a handy Mp3 tag editor so you can improve the metadata on your tracks.

We found that once we tweaked the details on some of our tracks, it was much easier to find our songs by genre and album and such.

You are limited to sharing just two tracks a day so if you’re a heavy listener, you may want to opt for the in-app SHARY Unlimited service though you can “try before you buy” since you get a month’s free trial.

Overall Value

The value you’re going to get out of this app is pretty good even without sharing, but it’s really over the top if you have a bunch of friends using it, or are willing to give it a try at your request.

The more friends on SHARY, the more you’ll enjoy it. It’s available for free on the Play Store so give it a listen.

shary-qr SHARY requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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