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Play Till Your Heart’s Content With Match 456

Play Till Your Heart’s Content With Match 456

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Match 456
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

There are no shortage of match games in the Play Store. Since the earliest days of Bejeweled and Sweet Tooth, the genre has become a staple of mobile gaming.

Unfortunately for players iteration after iteration has seen the same format play out over and over again with little variation.

In recent days one addition has been the freemium model of energy and IAP that seems destined to drain your wallet before your device.

Match 456, from developer RoGLab, is a fun and innovative match game that delivers more that most.

Concept and Functionality

At first glance, Match 456 seems like any other match genre game. You’re presented with a field of gemstones of assorted colors and are tasked to remove them via matching combinations until a certain target is met. Fail to meet that target and the level is over.

Match 456 turns the match genre on its head because you’ve not lost any lives or energy when you lose a stage, Why? Because there aren’t any – you just play again.

After dozens upon dozens of games where every wrong move costs you timed energy (for which there are always buyable refills), it’s surprisingly refreshing to have a game that just encourages you to keep playing.

The next way in which Match 456 sets itself apart from the others is in the surprisingly wide variety of play styles, challenges, and restrictions placed on the game, each of these changing up the gameplay in new ways.

Match 456 Android Game

Match 456 Android Game

We spent over a half-hour in our first playthrough and only encountered a few game types with many more to go. These challenges include clearing a certain number of blocks, using a limited number of moves, beating a timer to achieve a score, etc. There are even challenges based on individual blocks – destroy so many before you can win or match them in certain patterns.


The game has a simple powerup set that can be earned through linking your game to Facebook and asking your friends or by purchasing them with gold, this game’s in-app currency.

You earn a healthy amount of gold through gameplay and you can purchase more through the IAP available, but you never feel pressured to do so as you do in other games.

There are also plenty of achievements to be earned through integration in Google Play Games and the developer promises many more levels, features, and even multiplayer modes coming in future updates. The future looks bright for this matching game.

Overall Value

Match 456 is a refreshing entry in this well-crowded genre.

With colorful, pixel-style graphics, support for 22 languages, a great soundtrack, and an innovative take on the form, we believe this game will be a good match for any casual gamer, no matter where you live.


Match 456 requires Android 2.3.3. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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