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Video Recording of Your Android Screen is a Snap With One Shot

Video Recording of Your Android Screen is a Snap With One Shot

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One Shot
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

One of the long-standing challenges and limitations in the Android platform has been the ability to do screen recordings.

Before Android Lollipop, the only way to perform screen recording was to go into the root menu for your device, fiddle around with the settings, and launch a screen recording from your computer.

When Android 5.0 launched, all of that changed.

Now apps would have access to screen recording capabilities, they simply had to be built. A few screen recording apps have popped up in the Play Store both in the root required days and since the 5.0 update.

One Shot, from MakeEZ, is the best app we’ve seen for recording your Android screen (5.0+) without rooting.

Concept and Functionality

One Shot Android App

One Shot Android App

One Shot uses a very interesting method to trigger screen recordings. When you load the app, you’ll be taken through a brief tutorial on how to start a screen recording.

You actually trigger the beginning of the process by tapping a cast icon in the top right hand side. This can be a bit confusing inasmuch as you’re not actually casting your screen to another device like a television, but you are instead getting ready to send your device’s screen to the recorder.

Once you have told it to begin, a record button or bubble pops up over the screen in the style of Facebook’s chat heads for its messenger app.

This is one of the smartest ways we’ve seen to toggle the record functionality in an app, because chances are you’re going to want to record a different app or something else on your device, not the screen recorder itself.

When you’re ready to start your recording, you tap the bubble record button and it will disappear beginning your recording. When you are finished, stop the recording using the notification it provides or simply click the power button on your device.

The recordings we demoed were crisp, clean, and exactly where we wanted to start and stop them. There doesn’t seem to be any of the lag that is commonly seen with screen recordings, which of course means a higher output file size but this is all adjustable in the settings.


The most important step to a successful screen recording with this app is taking advantage of the robust settings menu.

One of the major challenges across the screen recording app world today is the vast variety of screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware capabilities found in the Android ecosystem. This app makes it very easy to tweak and toggle your settings to set up your video recording just the way you want it.

We were especially pleased with the ability to automatically detect the screen orientation. This is a feature that is sadly missing from almost every other screen recorder that we have found.

A very cool feature is that you can also automatically trigger showing your finger tap and swipes when you start and stop the recording.

Since one of the most popular reasons to do a screen recording is to demonstrate how to use an app, this is a particularly useful feature that would normally require you to go into the developer menu for your device.

Overall Value

We tested the app using the paid version available in the store to get the full experience, and for anyone who needs to do some serious screen recording, we absolutely recommend picking up the premium version.

There is a free version available who’s only difference seems to be that a watermark is added to the recording. Nonetheless it’s great to get you started learning the functionality of the app.

One Shot is by far one of the best screen recording apps we’ve come across. If you need to record a video of your Android 5.0+ screen, this is the app to use.

oneshot-qrOne Shot requires Android 5.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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