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Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine Developer Organizes Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New Features

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine Developer Organizes Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New Features

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine Kickstarter Campaign
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Written by Sara Hanlon

Jiji's Art & Buzz Machine for Android

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine for Android

Released in November of 2014, Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine debuted on the App Store and Google Play as an art and messaging app for kids. Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine is the work of Tresa Bennett, who recently created a Kickstarter campaign to add new features to the app, as well as cover costs for technical support.

Currently Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine allows children to create works of art on iPhone & Android devices and share them via Facebook, email, and text.

The app also features a built-in messenger that lets kids quickly and easily send and receive messages with friends and family.

Tresa Bennett organized the Kickstarter campaign in order to fund additional features, which would make Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine much more than a drawing and messaging app.

There are numerous features in the works, such as books, alphabet and number practice, and Language Club, which is where kids will be able to practice vocabulary in five different languages.

“The new feature Kickstarter will help us with the most is Language Club.

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine Android App

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine Android App

If funding is met we will be able to add this new feature to the app plus it will cover technical support and development to keep the app up and running,” says Bennett on the Kickstarter page for Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine.

Claude Bonnaud, a freelance children’s book illustrator, is a contributing graphic artist for Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine. He is enthusiastic about the new features that are planned for the app.

“As a contributing graphic artist to Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine, I am most excited to provide illustrations for the new feature Language Club. This section of the app gets kids to discover new words through text and pictures in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish,” says Bonnaud.

As of February 10, the Kickstarter campaign for Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine has 3 backers and has raised $100 of its $1,750 goal. The campaign has 23 days to go. The developer is aiming to implement the Language Club feature in April 2015 if the funding goal is reached.

Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for free.


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