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The Android of Things:  Make Your Entire Life “Smart”

The Android of Things: Make Your Entire Life “Smart”

The Android of Things
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Written by Luke Patrick

In the coming year, keep an eye out for the “Internet of Things” to finally hit the mainstream.

For those not hip enough to own horn-rimmed glasses or be in the know, that just means “smart technology.” Things like bluetooth thermostats, tiny trackables, and Google Glass all fit into this category.

With more and more advancements coming out every day, it won’t be long before we’re all rocking the iBlender so your Margarita will be ready the moment you get home (kidding, of course).

But we’re not kidding about making your entire life just a little more clever! Use the following utilities to turn your daily routine into a smartphone-enabled powerhouse of modern technology.automatic

Starting with:

Nest: Obviously we can’t begin this kind of a rundown without mentioning the most popular and well-known of smart objects.

The Nest thermostat is an absolutely phenomenal way to automate your home temperature, creating a more relaxing, enjoyable environment.

Using the Android application for the device, dial in your exact temperature preferences, and even change your settings while on the go.

Nest is incredibly efficient at picking up on trends and energy-saving routines. However, with Android at the helm, you can further this functionality, creating the best possible savings.

Automatic: On a similar note, you can also purchase Automatic to turn your car into a smart vehicle.

Now, for those thinking that sounds a bit daft, let us explain: By plugging the device in to your diagnostic port and downloading the app, you are allowing yourself a brand new look at your car’s performance.

Track total driving time, miles per gallon, and even mechanical issues as they surface. When your car needs an oil change, or a suspicious error is thrown, you’ll get a notification in your pocket.

We don’t think we have to explain how cool that is.

LIFX: It may be a cliche that you don’t need to reinvent the lightbulb, but in LIFX’ case, they’ve actually done a cracking job.wemo

The company has produced a new, smartphone-compatible LED bulb that can do just about anything. Even things you didn’t know a bulb good.

Use the Android app to wake up to natural, sun-style lighting. Or, have your lights change color to reflect a cooler mood when you get home. Need a lava lamp in the bedroom?

You can do that too with just the app and the bulbs. It’s really that simple!

WeMo: This is a very similar idea, but with even more functionality included.

WeMo allows you to control outlets and motion sensors, as well as lightbulbs. Using this complex system of smarthome equipment, you can totally kit out your crib.

Turn your lights off from across town, or make sure the coffee bot is on in the morning. Integrate IFTTT with the app to chain together complex systems.

Do whatever you want! Just keep the Android app in your pocket, and you’re good to go.

IFTTT: We just mentioned this pioneer of modern computing, but if you’re not already using If This Then That, we’re here now, telling you to do so.

It’s a handy utility that allows you to send data from one item to another, creating recipes that perform specific tasks when needed.

It’s insanely useful, incredibly inventive, and totally free! Mm, wake up and smell the open source software.


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