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KidED Lets You Intersperse Learning with Digital Playtime

KidED Lets You Intersperse Learning with Digital Playtime


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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

While digital devices like phones and tablets are great for entertaining the kids on car trips or occupying downtime before bed, they don’t always contribute to the education and development of the child.

This is especially true when it comes to playing games. We can hope they’ll learn a thing or two about physics while flinging birds at farm animals, but what if we could ensure a bit of added learning to game or video time?

KidED, from the developer of the same name, has created a fantastic app for teaching pre-schoolers numbers, counting, basic arithmetic, the alphabet, reading and more.

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind KidED is actually a rather novel take on adding learning to your child’s digital playtime. After you load up the app, you’re going to select a pin code which will ensure your child can’t turn off the app until you’re ready to do so.

Once you’ve loaded it up, you can download a small selection of learning packages that include general knowledge quizzes, math puzzles, reading exercises, and more.

There are a host of additional packages to purchase. More on those later.

Once you’ve downloaded a package, you activate the app and you can then hand your device off to your child to play, watch videos, or whatever else. At predetermined intervals, KidED will pop up a quiz question over the app they’re in.

KidED Android App

KidED Android App

Once they’ve answered the question, they return to the app and keep playing.

In our tests, we found this to be a seamless experience. As most Android apps know to pause the action when something interrupts, even if the child is in the middle of a game it will generally pause and let them return to it without losing their place.

When they’re all done, you log back into KidED with your pin and deactivate it. Simple as that.


There are a couple of remarkable features to touch on. First and foremost, the incredible variety of learning packages available.

We were surprised and delighted by the variety learning options offered.

Divided into subjects like math, reading, and logic, you can download exercises in many different age / skill levels. There are literally dozens of packages to download.

You can pay individually or subscribe to the app with a week’s free trial to access them all monthly for less than five bucks a month (or you can go annually which nets you about 2 months free).

One of the best features, especially for taking advantage of the robust library, is the statistics report tool.

In one tap, you can learn how many of each type of quiz your child has encountered and how they’re doing at successfully answering the exercises.

While they are busy with their games and gently interrupted with a learning moment in between rounds, you can be identifying areas of their educational development that might need a little polishing.

The parents we showed this to were delighted with the feature (and all of them immediately asked for the link to the app!) so we know you’ll get a benefit from it.

Overall Value

KidED provides a valuable opportunity to turn gaming into learning.

With the depth and breadth of learning challenges available for a reasonable price and more coming all the time, we can certainly recommend this for anyone who puts an Android device in small hands.

kided-qrKidED requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Awesome solution for teaching my children!

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