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Get Your Blast on in Explosion Valley

Get Your Blast on in Explosion Valley


Price: Free
Explosion Valley
Android Game Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Explosion Valley is a fun and challenging game for Android that requires players to skillfully demolish buildings in Las Vegas.

Developed by Dutyfarm GmbH, this game has plenty to offer, and it’s incredibly addicting and fun to play.

Concept and Gameplay

The goal of Explosion Valley is to make your way through 100 different levels by demolishing buildings in the great city of Las Vegas. This is accomplished by using a variety of explosives and good judgment in order to strategically place bombs where they’re most likely to be effective.

Each level requires players to reduce the height of buildings below a set line. This is the only way to pass a level in Explosion Valley. While the game isn’t incredibly difficult to understand, it gets progressively more difficult as you reach higher levels.

One of the things I really like about Explosion Valley is that the graphics are easy on the eyes and the background music is pleasant. The game is actually pretty relaxing to play as long as you’re okay with restarting levels a few times.

I also like the fact that levels aren’t timed, so players can take as long as they want.

The only issue I experienced with Explosion Valley is that sometimes building pieces don’t stop moving once they’re on the ground. This means you have to wait upwards of a minute before the level actually completes in order to get credit for it.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Along with 100 different levels to play through, Explosion Valley also includes six different explosives and bombs for players to unlock and use. There are also five different neighborhoods that players will demolish, and I really like the fact that the game scenery and environment changes as you progress through it.

Also, Explosion Valley adds a twist by putting tourists in the line of fire. You have to make sure you don’t hit them with falling debris, or else you won’t score well on a level. This added hazard means you have to be extra careful with where you place bombs on structures.


Explosion Valley is available to download from Google play for free, but there’s a full version upgrade for $1.85. Apparently players must unlock the full version of the game in order to play through all 100 levels, but this seems like a “pay once and play” kind of game. Therefore, it’s still a great value.

Overall, Explosion Valley is a relaxing and challenging Android game that’s perfect for players who enjoy strategy games with tons of content.

explosion_valley.jpgExplosion Valley requires Android 2.2+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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