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Use Easy Alarm Clock to Wake Up Your Way

Use Easy Alarm Clock to Wake Up Your Way

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Easy Alarm Clock
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Reviewed by John Chau

Easy Alarm Clock, from DreamAppStudio, puts the stock Android clock to shame with its multiple functions, minimalist design, and easy usability.

When the first rays of the dawn begin burning through my window, I wake up to a rooster calling out the arrival of morning. It starts out low and gradually gets louder until I’m up.

I quickly jump out of bed with fresh eagerness because I finally have an alarm clock that wakes me up the way I want.

I grab my  phone and with just a quick shake it stops. It quiets down and I gaze once more in awe upon my Easy Alarm Clock app.

Gone are the days of waking to a blaring, annoyingly red machine plugged in to the wall socket.

Easy Alarm Clock is fully customizable and give you complete control over how it wakes you up.


Easy Alarm Clock is loaded with features not common with other free alarm clock apps.

Users can customize the app to however they see fit, or they can choose from a list of pre-set modes.

Easy Alarm Clock has a ton of ways to turn off its alarm. These options range from as simple as pressing a button to solving complex math problems, to even having to shake the device to turn it off.

The key feature overall with Easy Alarm Clock is its customizability, and it certainly wins top honors for that.

Appearance and Layout


Easy Alarm Clock Android App

The appearance of Easy Alarm Clock is a refreshing change from other generic apps similar in style. Whether you want to use one of the preset appearance settings or make your own, Easy Alarm Clock grants more freedom to its overall appearance and layout than many other apps.

The layout of Easy Alarm Clock is great, and you can choose to create various-sized widgets for your device.

The one of the cons with Easy Alarm Clock is that there are a few misspellings of words in the settings menu (shodow should read shadow) and it seems to only use the digital style of clock (while allowing the user to change the overall theme).

Easy Alarm Clock could be improved a bit by adding in the option of an analog clock.

The overall app feels great to use and is what our reviewer uses for his own personal alarm clock. Thus, Easy Alarm Clock gets a 4/5 on its appearance and layout.


Easy Alarm Clock is free and has NO ADS!

At less than 1 MB (934kB to be exact), Easy Alarm Clock is definitely a practical freebie to download and use.

Overall, the main appeal of Easy Alarm Clock is that it delivers a sense of autonomy in this seemingly-preset world that we live in by helping you get outside the box and make you alarm clock just how you want it to be.

So save some electricity – unplug that decrepit, blaring box on your bedside table and check out Easy Alarm Clock.

QRAlarm Easy Alarm Clock requires Android 2.1 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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