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Press Release: Purplebeard Has Released Snake Slap, A Wildly Funny Game for All Ages

Press Release: Purplebeard Has Released Snake Slap, A Wildly Funny Game for All Ages

Snake Slap
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February 24, 2015 – Bulgaria Purplebeard has released Snake Slap, a colorful fun new game that’s not just lots of fun and simple to play, it’s also quite addictive. Once you start swinging Slappy the Snake at the birds, pigs, sheep, rabbits and even hamburgers that come up at you, you won’t want to stop!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.42.42 PM

This game is great for all ages, children and adults alike will become immersed in the “swinging” gameplay and a soundtrack straight out of the forest. This game emphasizes planning your moves instead of frenetic twitching. If you’ve been frustrated trying to play flappy, you’ll love Slappy.

Slappy the Snake is a cartoonish green character that hangs from a tree branch and sways from side to side as you swipe left or right on your Android device. Slappy’s funny face and the amusing sound effects will have you smiling, but don’t let them distract you. To get a high score you have to pay attention to who’s coming up at you to make sure you’re in position to hit the animals and miss the bombs.

Your efforts will pay off, though, as you collect eggs, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun game. Snake Slap not only plays well on phones but it also works great on larger screens. This is especially important for the youngster who will have a ball playing Snake Slap on a tablet. Either way, the fun doesn’t stop as you swing Slappy across the screen racking up points and beating your high score.

This fun, family-friendly game was reviewed by and given a solid four star rating. The prestigious review site gushed “Snake Slap features inventive and fun gameplay with a unique mechanic we just haven’t seen anywhere else.” They went on to say “Snake Slap is fun, offers a different game mechanic, and ultimately is quite satisfying—even after multiple playthroughs, and for players of all ages.”

Leaving no doubt about their recommendation, made their opinion quite clear by stating “Have a moment to spare? Then definitely download this exciting new entry into the Android arcade genre.”

Snake Slap is available to download for Android devices from Google Play for free.


About the Developer:
Purplebeard was founded in 2013 by a team of experts in e-commerce outsourcing, who work with over 40 brands including BMW, Sports Direct, Boohoo, Toshiba and eBay. We provide community management to large publishers in the gaming industry. We focus on MMORPG games and we have a team of 70+ people, who service 40 million player base in 11 languages.

We also have a development team that is producing casual mobile games.
Our team are strictly gamers and very passionate about their work. This is why we gave them the opportunity to publish their own games. We were not designed as a game development studio, but we are slowly transitioning to one.


Media Contact:
Slaven Karadaliev
Chief Operations Officer

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