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Stop Typing and Start Talking With Talk To Me

Stop Typing and Start Talking With Talk To Me

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Talk To Me
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Reviewed by John Chau

Talk To Me developed by GSoft LLC is a new app that will let you easily send voice messages to friends.

Tired of sending those texts back and forth to your sweetheart without knowing how he or she truly feels? Can’t tell if that was a sarcastic text? Does that single word reply mean that they are angry?

Talk To Me lets you hear their voice with all of their tones and inflections, and thus help makes each conversation much more personal, intimate, and accurate.


Talk To Me features a way to send voice messages to your friends by simply selecting one of your contacts, shaking (or tapping) your device to enter the “Talk Mode,” and recording your personalized message (or voice memo).

Great for those who hate typing on phones or small tablets, Talk To Me allows you to hear and send messages without having to do ANY typing.

Talk To Me will also tell you audibly where you are at in the app’s various Menus – this can be annoying sometimes, but might be perfect for those with visual problems or when looking at the screen is a problem, such as when driving.

You only need to swipe left or right to change menus and up or down to go forward or backward through your messages. If you accidentally started recording or made a mistake while doing so, just swipe or shake your device to cancel the recording.


Talk To Me Android App

Talk To Me allows you to create groups for your friends, teammates, study pals, etc. in which they can all join in and hear/send  messages back.

We think the developers have done a good job with the main functionality, but it requires your pals to also have the app installed in order for your voice messages to be delivered.

Appearance and Layout

While the use of shaking the phone as a control mechanism gives this app a usability feature we appreciate, the appearance of Talk To Me is subpar with an overall feeling of roughness. The text is often in red and the message backgrounds have an outdated pastel color scheme.

Talk To Me’s layout seems simple but has a rather in-depth option menu which isn’t quite as simple to use as it looks – one must dig down to find various options.

There are several typos on the option menu (e.g. nagigate instead of navigate), which adds to the unpolished feel of the app.

Generally this app feels like it’s in the “diamond in the rough” stage. There’s quite a bit of potential here but the appearance and layout of Talk To Me is not quite as good as it could be.


Talk To Me is currently free, but only for a 90-day period. The first 100,000 users to download it and send five messages to a friend will receive the fully licensed version for free (it will automatically upgrade once five messages are sent).

Talk To Me has ads along the bottom of the screen for this trial version, but they are decently unobtrusive.

Overall, with the vast amount of similar apps out there that are actually free and more polished, Talk To Me has its work cut out.

The developers are finished with the heavy lifting, in that the record/playback and much of the swipe/nav functionality is very good. But now they have to focus on fine tuning the UI and improving the overall user experience in order to really stand out and drive its wide-scale use.

 TTMTalk To Me requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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