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Comindware: Easy & Effective Project Management

Comindware: Easy & Effective Project Management

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Comindware Project – PM App
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Like Superman, we humble reviewers here at the Android Apps Review actually hold down two unique identities: The first is the valiant reviewer, covering applications day and night to deliver the best and brightest to the public. The other is the mild-mannered office worker, plugging away on project after project.

However, all of that plugging has given us quite a lot of experience in all matters project management. This is why we’re incredibly excited to be bringing you a full review of the Android client for Comindware Project: Project Management Software, a new solution for the busiest of offices.

Comindware: Business Management Software is a full-featured task management suite designed to deliver information quickly, efficiently, and without data degradation.

If you have ever worked on an extensive project with a group of like-minded peers, you already understand the value of just such a tool. And with a strong presence on the Android platform, it has even more intrigue.

To scratch that curiosity itch, scroll down below the break for our full review!

Concept and Functionality

Like most other project management tools to come before it, Comindware Projects aims to do one thing: Ensure you never get bogged down in endless emails ever again. After all, we’ve all been there!

Comindware Project Android App

Comindware Project Android App

Projects come in, they have to be delegated, then check-up on, then reconfimred, then met about, and then finally shipped out the door. But sadly, they’re usually not in as good of a shape as we’d like once they leave.

To avoid this, Comindware Project puts all the necessaries right there on the screen. You’ve got team collaboration with as many team members as you need. To manage their tasks, just create projects en suite, and then delegate person-specific tasks.

All of these are tracked and charted (gant style) with ease. There’s in house messaging to avoid unnecessary emails, file uploading for seamless tracking, and even time tracking to make sure payroll is flawless. It’s impressive stuff—and we’ve had our share of project management suite experience, we might add.

Design and Interface

Better still, the whole thing is wrapped in a wonderfully flat, effortlessly easy to navigate exterior. There’s a sharp resemblance to what Microsoft is doing with its most recent software updates, and that’s a good thing.

Here you’ll find crisp lines, a simple sidebar navigator, and point-and-click functionality. The latter extends to everything you’d want, including file uploads and time management.

Using the app and its excellent graphics, you can easily peruse team members (including straight-to-phone dialing) catch up on project statuses, and even get a handy pie-chart demonstrating your completed tasks.

It’s a seriously good-looking affair, and one that integrates well with Microsoft’s products, too.

Overall Value

After spending some time poking around with Comindware Projects, we can honestly say we’ve come away impressed.

We strongly recommend to our loyal readers that they consider using the software in any office, and with good reason: it’s fantastically designed, endlessly robust, and absolutely ideal for ensuring every project goes off without a hitch.

Plus, with that seamless Microsoft integration, it’s ready-made for just about any corporate structure.

All in all, this is a winner for even the stodgiest of offices. Need to give your projects a quick kick in the pants? Comindware Projects is the way to get it done!

qrcode.28029159Comindware Project – PM App requires Android version 2.2+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this news item.

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