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Mouse Kit: Get Away from the Keyboard (Kind Of)

Mouse Kit: Get Away from the Keyboard (Kind Of)

Price: Free
Mouse Kit
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

When we talk about office utility applications for the Android platform, you’d probably expect a bit of a snooze-fest. And typically, you’d be correct.

Making spreadsheets interesting is certainly a difficult task. However, you won’t find any of that in today’s review.

Mouse Kit, from Yooii Studios, is an incredible new way to control your PC or Macintosh computer from across the room, or across the house.

All you need is a WiFi network, a little time, and a whole lot of room to be impressed.

You’ll need all three, and once you’ve got them in order, you’ll find our entire review locked up below the break!

Concept and Functionality

The core idea behind Mouse Kit isn’t entirely new, but we can’t say we’ve seen it done anywhere else quite as well as it’s done here.

The application allows you to control your computer exactly as if your phone were a mouse. Yes, that means you can squiggle away with one finger, making that clicker dance all over the screen.

There are even two buttons along the bottom of the screen to let you click—both left and right. Add in a scroll bar, and you’ve got a mouse in your pocket.

Mouse Kit Android App

Mouse Kit Android App

However, the fun hardly ends there. Not least among the app’s extended features is support for multi-touch gestures. Don’t want to give up two finger click or swiping to move back and forth? You absolutely don’t have to!

Mouse Kit also comes loaded with several more killer ideas. You can use the keyboard tab to enter information exactly as you would the phone’s built-in functionality. And, most importantly all of, you can manage your presentations right here, without a fancy clicker system.

This aspect of the app is actually our favorite part. With a back, forward, and F5 button, you don’t need anything else to make a pitch perfect.

Throw in a timer for efficiency, Shift + F5, End, and a Home button, and you’re absolutely the king of Powerpoint.

It’s an incredibly suave way to control your slides. Plus, it has an appropriately small price tag!

Design and Interface

It also really helps Mouse Kit’s case that it looks as good as it does. Usually, with these kinds of utilities, the end user experience is much more corporate than high-design. However, Mouse Kit manages to combine it all into one, svelte package.

We genuinely enjoyed navigating its functions, and we can completely see it being used in an executive setting without any mock-ability.

To add a further note, we had zero problems getting around the app, nor setting it up. It took as long as the desktop companion takes to download, then we were off.

Overall Value

And at the end of the day, the free functionality offered is more than enough reason to download Mouse Kit. But, if you want to unlock its killer presentation capabilities, or just want to have different themes, $2.50 via in-app purchase is nothing, really. It’s an incredible bargain, and one we heartily recommend.

No matter what you might need Mouse Kit for, it will certainly meet your needs. Plus, it’s incredibly fun—something we did not expect. With that recommendation, we can’t help but give Mouse Kit a five out of five!

qrcode.28228089MouseKit requires Android version 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this news item.

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