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Swing to Victory in Bungee Mummy

Swing to Victory in Bungee Mummy

Price: Free
Bungee Mummy
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Reviewed by John Chau

Bungee Mummy is an exciting new game released by Steampunk Wizards where you control your little mummy (ahem…King Phero) through various maps using his bungee wraps.

You are helped by your green bat pal, Madu, who carries a lantern for you as you venture around the temple crypts.

We love Bungee Mummy for its innovative gameplay that’s fun, fast-paced and designed to entertain you for hours.


Bungee Mummy features numerous obstacles to face in each level, and with the use of your bungee mummy wraps, you can swing or sling past them or even carry items (like boxes) to solve puzzles with.

The bungee mummy wraps are similar to Spiderman’s webs or World of Goo’s goo and add a nice non-linear element to the game.

Bungee Mummy features the option to use Google Play game services and Facebook to connect with your pals.

The app also features an in-game currency that you earn by collecting various golden scarabs from the maps (and by having your Facebook friends sign up with you). These golden scarabs can be spent on upgrades, powerups, and items.

One of the unique features of Bungee Mummy is the printable reward system it has. You can actually win 3-D printable rewards and collectibles after you beat each boss! However, you’ll need a 3-D printer (or access to a 3D printing service) to print them.

Bungee Mummy Android Game

Appearance and Layout

The amount of work the developers have put into Bungee Mummy is evident by the high quality of the appearance of the game. Well-designed, 3D models and a very “alive” dungeon-y feel make the game highly enjoyable.

This game uses seemingly cel shaded backgrounds and objects, which fits perfectly with its smooth animations, realistic physics, and game mechanics.

The layout is also well done, with font easily readable and menus generally easy to access. (Note: to exit the game on tablets without a Back button, you must tap on the screen to exit the game’s full screen and pull up your tablet’s Back, Home, Other Apps base bar).

Bungee Mummy has a quick tutorial at the beginning that easily shows you how to maneuver your mummy around the map with his bungees (simply tap where you want him to shoot his bungee mummy wraps) or burning his wraps with the bat’s lantern (swipe left or right).

Overall, Bungee Mummy is a great looking game that offers hours of game play and levels to unlock.


For those who love dungeon-type games, Bungee Mummy is a splendid FREE app. However, it does have occasional ads and is a rather large app at 125 MB.

Bungee Mummy does  also offer in-app purchases (with real money as well as with its golden scarabs), but don’t let that deter you from having a blast.

If you have the space on your Android, go ahead and have an adventure with Bungee Mummy.

Bungee Mummy requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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