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Snap Measure Measures Objects Quickly and Accurately

Snap Measure Measures Objects Quickly and Accurately

Price: Free
Snap Measure
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Whether you’re decorating a room or making sure a new piece of furniture will fit, accurate measurements are the only way to avoid mistakes.

There’s nothing worse than making or buying something just to find out it doesn’t fit.

Snap Measure, developed by SnapMeasure, is a free Android app that helps users get accurate measurements of objects just by using their phone.

Concept and Functionality

Accuracy is a must when it comes to measuring things, so can you really trust a smartphone app to replace a physical tape measure? That’s exactly what the developers of Snap Measure set out to do.

Snap Measure turns your phone into a handy measuring tool and one of the unique things about it is that once it’s calibrated, you don’t need to carry around external reference point. Calibration is simple too, you just snap a picture of something of a known size such as a standard sheet of paper.

To use Snap Measure, simply open the app and choose what you want to measure. You can measure the length of an object on the ground, the height of an object from the ground, objects on walls, ceilings, tables, etc., as long as the plane is parallel or perpendicular to the ground.

Snap a photo of the object you want to measure, then, using the app, draw a line from edge to edge. Snap Measure will then display the measurement of the object right on the screen almost instantly, which is pretty cool and definitely faster than using a tape measure.

Snap Measure Android App

Snap Measure Android App

When it comes to accuracy, Snap Measure states that it is accurate within 3%, but only if the initial calibration is done correctly.

Calibrating the app using an object is normally a one time thing, and it’s pretty quick and easy to do. From the test measurements I made, it seemed like the app came pretty close to the correct measurement and was within tolerance.


Snap Measure includes a fair number of features for users to take advantage of. One of the things you should focus on when snapping a picture for measurement is proper lighting, and I like the fact that Snap Measure lets you toggle your device’s flash setting in order to take the photo correctly.

However, the free version of Snap Measure lacks a few important features that are included in the pro version of the app, which costs $1.00. With Snap Measure PRO there are no ads, you can share images using mail, whatsapp, etc., and you can save photos and measurements for access later. Of course you can always take a screenshot and save it to your device.


Snap Measure is available to download from Google Play for free, which is always a great price. Overall, the app definitely shows promise, but it’s up to the user to make sure all procedures and guidelines are followed in order to make sure the app is as accurate as possible.

Snap Measure is a great way to get a quick fairly precise measurement. However, if you’re dealing with something that requires extreme accuracy, it’s always best to double check with a tape measure.

snap_measure.jpgSnap Measure requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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