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Need a Good Laugh? Try SuperJokes

Need a Good Laugh? Try SuperJokes

 Price: Free
SuperJokes – Free Funny Jokes
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Reviewed by John Chau

SuperJokes – Free Funny Jokes, developed by Taureano Entertainment, is an entertaining app whose sole purpose is to make it easy to read funny jokes anytime you like.

SuperJokes is perfect if you’re looking for a joke to tell your friends, need to break the ice at a party, or if you’re just having a crummy day at home, work, or school and need a quick pick-me-up.

SuperJokes will have you smiling, giggling, and laughing (or at times rolling your eyes) as it delivers hilarity upon hilarity.


Featuring a database full of jokes for you to read, you simply pick one of the joke categories to view the jokes.

SuperJokes also features an easy way to share the joke with your friends by tapping on the blue arrow in the bottom right of the screen and choosing your sharing method (which encompasses nearly every social media type app, plus even Evernote and Google Translate)

This app provides quite a library of jokes divided up into over 50 categories of jokes to read and laugh at and is simple to use and enjoy.

Once you’re in a category you can select its little icon in the upper left and access a number of options to filter and fine tune what jokes you see.

SuperJokes Android App

Unfortunately this app is also loaded with ads, both at the bottom of the screen that sometimes block out some text, and also full screen ads in between actions, as well as full screen videos that you have to watch for 15 seconds.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of SuperJokes isn’t great, but it gets the job done. The various joke categories have their own seemingly self-drawn icons, and the menu is easy to access.

The text font is easy to read, although it would be nice to offer a voice option, even if it’s just basic text to speech, to read the jokes aloud.

The layout is decent as well, with the menu being simple enough to discern each of its functions. There is a slight hint of roughness in Super Jokes (besides the coarse jokes that you can opt to avoid), with the various icons lacking smoothness.

We found the ads a bit more intrusive than we’d like but you can make an IAP for $3.99 to get rid of them.


The value of SuperJokes is great – it’s free, only 14 MB, and has loads of jokes to amuse you.

However, as already mentioned, SuperJokes is ad-supported, which means that fairly often autoplaying ads will appear (that you can’t skip or exit out of) with a timer counting down how long is left for the ad to play. This might make it a little frustrating to use, especially since there are other joke apps on the market that aren’t as invasive with their ads.

Overall, for loads of free ad-supported jokes check out SuperJokes and laugh through your trying day.

 SuperJokes requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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