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Press Relase: The Android Scanner App That Brought Sphinx to CES – Android Humor

Press Relase: The Android Scanner App That Brought Sphinx to CES – Android Humor

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March 20, 2015 – CES, Las Vegas – It is not just a regular competition for Android mobile apps, Mobile Apps Showdown, CES has built its very special convention around a fundamental tradition for the contestants to present their apps in creative and funny ways! The developers of Smart Document Scanner, an Android document scanning app, followed the rules and brought the Great Sphinx into the hall to impress their audience and present them with one exceptional app!

sds1The Softxpert Inc. demo was suddenly interrupted by a talking Sphinx during their presentation of their Smart Document Scanner at CES 2014. In their hilarious discussion, the Sphinx was amusingly confused about what “Google” is, suspecting it might be an ancient god, but wound up learning about an amazing app that turns any Android device into the ultimate Android scanner for business documents, business cards, whiteboards and even the hieroglyphic inscriptions that the Sphinx owns.

No one expected a sphinx to show up at a trade show but that’s exactly what happened on screen at the Smart Document Scanner presentation in the Mobile Apps Showdown, part of the “Living in Digital Times – Connecting Life’s Dots” segment.

Ahmed Abdelhalim, Technical Manager, and Devan Alexande, Marketing Manager, for Softxpert were unfazed by the appearance of the sphinx and engaged it into a humorous discussion. Devan suggested that the Sphinx might want to scan its inscriptions and OCR them. The Sphinx pointed out that its inscriptions were engraved in stone and timeless. Not to be outdone, Devan noted that scans made with Smart Document Scanner would be timeless too, with the advantage of uploading to such cloud services as Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.

Confused about what “Google” might be, the sphinx thought it might be a god and Ahmed agreed, offering that Google may very well be the god of search.

Doing his best to stay on message, Ahmed explained how the Android scanner app has advanced features to make professional scans of documents or importing existing scans on an Android device. He demonstrated how the edges of the doc are automatically detected so working with scanned images is very easy, and how the OCR functionality makes text within a scan both editable and searchable.

The hilarious dialog with the sphinx continued culminating with the Sphinx eventually being duly impressed and challenging Ahmed and Devan to build a version of this android scanner app for his iPhone. Call it a hunch but with a sphinx requesting it, an iPhone version of the app may not be far off.

You can watch the full video here

This powerful yet easy to use app, which won the People’s Choice Award for 2014, was reviewed by and given a solid 4 1/2 star rating. The prestigious review site told their readers that “Smart Document Scanner is one of those apps that you need to download and keep on your Android device so you have it when you need it.”

Smart Document Scanner is available to download for Android devices from Google Play for free.


About the Developer:
Softxpert Inc is known for its outstanding quality of business process outsourcing with its headquarters set in the US. The team at Softxpert Inc is constantly striving to make sure that its customers get the best quality outsourcing that is available coupled with prices that are easy on the wallet. Besides, time management and meeting their deadlines effectively is something that they pride on. They contribute to a large spectrum of services ranging from UI Design for applications, application development and its implementation, testing of software coupled with quality control. If you are looking for custom software development for mobile, web, or desktop, contact them and they will offer you a free quote with a very competitive price.


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