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DU Battery Saver: Improving Your Entire Battery Life

DU Battery Saver: Improving Your Entire Battery Life


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DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years, we’ve had some pretty cool opportunities to test, show-off and otherwise expose great Android utilities. We love doing this, because sometimes a true gem appears.

This special category of applications is capable of dramatically improving your device’s entire lifespan, enabling you to get even more out of your permanent, digital companion.

And there’s hardly a better example of just such an app than DU Battery Saver, from DU APPS STUDIO.

DU Batter Saver helps every single Android user out there eek even more performance out of their battery pack.

No matter how many apps you’re running, nor what kind of phone you have, you need this utility.

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Concept and Functionality

In the same way that something like CCleaner or Clean My Mac improves your desktop’s performance, so too does DU Battery Saver hope to improve your overall Android experience. However, it doesn’t do this through boosting your processor. No, it enables users to gain even more life out of their battery pack. How does it do this?

DU Batter Saver Android App

DU Batter Saver Android App

Simply put, the application makes it incredibly simple and pain-free to turn off battery draining utilities, and optimize those processes that you need.

With the press of a button, DU Battery Saver will comb through your device’s back-end, switching off items that are killing your battery while improving the others. The best part about all of this? You don’t have to touch a dang thing!

The app will do it all for you, and then it will even give you a report on how much you’ve just extended your battery life.

However, there are other applications that will do the same thing for your phone. DU Battery Saver goes the extra mile, though, offering what we’d call “deep clean” options. It will walk you through doing a battery cycle, or even a quick charge.

Want to know what apps are killing your battery the most? Battery monitoring makes that a cinch. All said, DU Battery Saver is the complete package, giving you a crash course on every inch of battery improvement.

Design and Interface

It also helps DU Battery Saver’s case that it looks as good as it does. There’s no fuss or hassle here.

Just tap a few buttons, and you’re done! Even getting the deeper-cut features out of the app takes no time at all. Tab through the buttons along the bottom to quickly get to monitoring, charge information, or saver modes.

The latter is particularly effective and particularly efficient. With a single tap you can put your phone into an energy saving mode that will dramatically extend your lifespan. It’s neat, it’s tidy, and it looks as good as any other app on the market.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, adding DU Battery Saver to your phone really is a no-brainer.

It’s free, it comes loaded to the gills with great features, and it can work wonders for your day-to-day with your Android phone.

After all of that, we hardly feel like we need to say more! Check out DU Battery Saver today, and be sure to give all that it offers a go. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

DU BatteryDU Battery Saver requires Android version 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this news item.

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  1. This is a good app for android user but A little difficult to use

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