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Twisted Tweets Word Search Is a Must-Have for Puzzle Fans

Twisted Tweets Word Search Is a Must-Have for Puzzle Fans

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Twisted Tweets Word Search
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Twisted Tweets Word Search, developed by Twisted Words, is a unique word game for Android that turns tweets into word searches.

Perhaps the first of its kind, Twisted Tweets Word Search is a game that’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy word puzzles.

Concept and Gameplay

Twisted Tweets Word Search is unlike any other word game I’ve come across. The idea behind the game is to incorporate tweets from popular Twitter accounts into a word search board.

This means that no board will ever be the same, which is a great way to add variety and keep things fresh.

To play Twisted Tweets Word Search, tap Play on the main menu. The game will automatically load a new word search puzzle, and the words you need to find are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

There’s a big difference between this game and traditional word searches, though, in that you don’t have to make words out of straight lines. As long as letters are next to one another, you can connect them to form words. In fact, the more twists in the word, the more points you’ll earn.

You might think that, seeing as Twisted Tweets Word Search is a game based on social media, you’d have to connect your Twitter account in order to play. Luckily this isn’t the case, and you don’t even need a Twitter account to enjoy it.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Twisted Tweets Word Search Android Game

One of the neatest features of Twisted Tweets Word Search is that it allows you to keep up with popular Twitter accounts passively while playing a word search game.

If you like, you can even tap on tweets to read and interact with them by replying, retweeting, and more. Twitter interactions are handled in your device’s web browser.

If you’re a fan of statistics, Twisted Tweets Word Search does a fantastic job of keeping track of player performance.

You can easily see a summary of your stats during and after each game, as well as dissect found words and see how many points they were worth, as well as how long it took to find them.


Twisted Tweets Word Search is available to download from Google Play for free.

I can honestly say that the game is easily worth a download if you’re serious about Twitter and word search games. It strikes a fantastic balance between the two, and I think players will enjoy the idea of interacting with Twitter while having fun.

twisted_tweets.jpgTwisted Tweets Word Search requires Android 2.2+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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