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Donut Puzzle Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Donut Puzzle Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

 Price: Free
Donut Puzzle
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Reviewed by John Chau

Donut Puzzle, created by Livable Games, is a deliciously fun Android puzzle game where players have to match up donut chunks to create whole donuts.

Similar to other puzzle games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, Donut Puzzle is a simple way to workout your mind with piecing together all kinds of mouth watering donuts (cue Homer…mmm, donuts).


Donut Puzzle is another basic puzzle game that is slightly more unique with its bomb and shuffle features that require more concentration from the player.

Featuring several game modes (such as Score and Donut Completion) that can be played with or without time, this challenging game while lots of fun, is no push over, it gets progressively harder and more complex.

Overall, the sheer amount of donut pieces present on later levels in Donut Puzzle makes it much more challenging than other more popular puzzle games.


Donut Puzzle Android Game

Appearance and Layout

The appearance and layout of Donut Puzzle is nowhere near that of more popular puzzle games with very generic 2D graphics and interface.

The upper text in Donut Puzzle is not pleasant to look at and is unfortunately reminiscent of poorly formatted type-written text, while the combo text is more akin to an older Microsoft Word’s Word Art.

Donut Puzzle also is a bit slower paced than similar puzzle games (e.g. Candy Crush) and has frequent ads appearing before each level. The touch box settings appear to be slightly delayed or miscued and numerous taps or swipes sometimes seem to be required to pair two donut pieces together.

As this game gains momentum we’d like to see the developers spend some time pimping the graphics to put it on an even visual keel with its key competitors. Yet, for their very first app, they’re off to a great start with Donut Puzzle.


Donut Puzzle is free, but has several in-app $0.99 purchases including additional shuffles, lives, and the option to disable ads permanently.

With the constant popups and poor graphics, we find it hard to shell out money for its IAPs when other similarly free games have nowhere near as many frequent ad popups.

Overall though, Donut Puzzle is a fun and simple-to-play game that will keep you drooling and playing.

 Donut Puzzle requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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