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Press Release: 614ST Launches Grapple Innovative Casual Game for All Ages on Android and iOS

Press Release: 614ST Launches Grapple Innovative Casual Game for All Ages on Android and iOS

Grapple Up
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April 8, 2015 – New York, NY  Casual gaming fans are cheering the release of Grapple Up. Between the one button simplicity and innovative gameplay, once you start playing Grapple you won’t want to stop. A bit tricky at first but that only makes mastering this easy-to-play game more rewarding.

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Grapple Up is a bit challenging to get the hang of but that just makes it even more rewarding and addictive once you do. The simple one button operation and the available power-ups make this game fun for players of all ages. Young and old alike find mastering the basic mechanics of the game very satisfying and once you get rolling the fun doesn’t quit.

This game is great for all ages, children and adults alike will become immersed in its entertaining gameplay and power-ups. As you play and achieve “invincibility”, “slow time”, “apple magnet” and “boost ahead” power-ups the game takes on exciting new dimensions and keeps your interest piqued. You also get to show off the cool designs you make after you play by taking a screenshot.

It’s as simple as “hold to grapple and release to fly”. But make no mistake about it, this seemingly simple guidance is just the tip of the iceberg. The best games are simple to play yet hard to master and that makes Grapple one of the best new games around. The challenge comes in the timing of your trajectory, which when done well, will propel you to the top of the leader board., a global leader in Android app and game reviews, recently took on the challenge of testing out this innovative new game and admitted to their readers “We had a lot of trouble with the concept at first, but things got easier once we realized it’s less about moving quickly, and a lot more about planning your orbits strategically.” They went on say “It certainly helps Grapple’s case that it looks as good as it does. This is not a cheap arcade title, or even a retro-styled knockoff. This is a fully fleshed-out arcade game with its own, inventive looks and an easy-to-manage control scheme.”

Leaving no doubt about their recommendation, made their opinion quite clear by stating “we absolutely cannot help but recommend the title to any Android arcade game fan.”

Grapple Up is available for free to download for Android and iOS devices from Google Play and the Apple App Store respectively.


About the Developer:
614ST is a boutique digital media company specializing in developing innovative and challenging games for all ages.


Media Contact:
Sishir Varghese

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