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Taichi Panda Is an Awesome Hack ‘n Slash MMORPG for Android

Taichi Panda Is an Awesome Hack ‘n Slash MMORPG for Android

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Taichi Panda
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Taichi Panda is a truly amazing and wonderful MMORPG for Android.

Developed by Snail Games USA, the game features plenty of elements for players to enjoy, as well as endless possibilities for expansion and growth.

Concept and Gameplay

Taichi Panda takes players and places them in a world of fantasy, action, and exploration.

While it’s definitely not unusual to come across a complex MMO such as this, it’s rare to find one that doesn’t get routine and boring after a few hours of playing.

When you first open Taichi Panda, you’ll have to create an account using an email address or connect the game to Facebook. Once that’s complete, you can choose from four different classes to play, which are Taichi Panda, Glorious Warrior, Treasure Hunter, or Fox Mage.

Taichi Panda helps users acclimate to the game with a complex interactive tutorial that takes them through pretty much every aspect of combat, questing, the daily rewards system, and item/skill upgrades.

When it comes to gameplay and graphics, Taichi Panda is an absolute joy to look at.

Not only is the environment gorgeous, but combat effects look amazing, as well. I really like the fact that players are free to move their character around the screen with the on-screen joystick, as it gives players freedom to do whatever they want.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Taichi Panda Android Game

As you can imagine, Taichi Panda is filled with features that enhance gameplay and make the game even better.

For example, players can take part in different styles of combat, including casual dungeoning and PVP battles.

Players can even join guilds to socialize and battle other guilds. All of these options means players will likely find something to do no matter what their gameplay preference is.

Another fantastic feature of Taichi Panda is the infinite possibilities thanks to the complex upgrade system.

From enhancing character’s skills to combining equipment and making it stronger, players really are free to build their character any way they want.


Taichi Panda is available to download from Google Play for free and does have in-app purchases for items like gold and gems.

This is standard, though, and not always a necessity if you’re a patient player. Plus, there are so many quest and daily rewards that it’s unlikely you’ll go broke anytime soon.

Overall, Taichi Panda is a fantastic MMORPG that’s a must-have if you enjoy the genre.

It’s a tough game to understand at first thanks to all of the different elements, but you’ll be hacking and slashing your way through dungeons and battles in no time at all.

This game is also available for iOS through the Apple App Store.

taichi_panda_android.jpgTaichi Panda requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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