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Change It Up with Launcher 8 free

Change It Up with Launcher 8 free

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Launcher 8 free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Launcher 8 free, developed by XinYi, is an Android app that essentially changes your Android so it appears just like a Windows 8 Phone.

Lovers of the smooth, active tiles of Windows 8 will be thrilled to get Launcher 8 free for their Android as it almost exactly replicates Microsoft’s Windows 8 home screen layout and functionality.


Launcher 8 free features most of the same things that a Windows 8 phone has – including live, customizable tiles, a customizable start screen layout, and an easily-changeable background style.

It also lets you add in Android widgets as tiles, so even though your phone or tablet might look a lot like a Windows Phone, it’s still an Android at heart.

You can also choose among various lock screen styles, themes, and colors.

Launcher 8 free features a simple, alphabetical apps page (simply swipe left) that displays all of the apps on your device, and also lets you “bind” your own apps to its stock icons  (e.g. Launcher 8 free’s Browser icon can be bound to load the internet browser of your choice, such as Chrome).

Overall, Launcher 8 free makes your Android feel just like a Windows Phone and operates how you would expect it to operate – fast, fluid, and easy to use with no known app conflicts.

Launcher 8 Free Android App

Appearance and Layout

Launcher 8 free looks nearly identical to Windows 8 on a Windows Phone and offers tons of various creative user-made themes you can install to personalize your device.

Not only that, but Launcher 8 free also even lets you install fake iPhone themes.

The colors are great, and the overall layout is splendid, but some of the language is misspelled (e.g. Recommand should be Recommended under the Theme options).

Launcher 8 free also requires permissions to access nearly every part of your device – which almost seems to be too much, until you remember that it essentially transforms your entire phone (or tablet) into that of a device running Windows 8.

Besides the few misspellings, it’s tough to tell the difference between Launcher 8 free and a Windows Phone!


The value of Launcher 8 free is perfect – it’s free and even has other types of (non-Windows 8) themes you can download.

Overall, for those who want to spice up their Android with something a little bit different than what their friends and coworkers have, Launcher 8 free offers the ideal theme-changing app for free.

So check it out and let us know what you think of Launcher 8 free.

Launcher 8 free requires Android 2.3 and up.

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