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Travel on the Cheap with TriToGo

Travel on the Cheap with TriToGo


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TriToGo – Compare Travel Prices
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Reviewed by John Chau

TriToGo, developed by Filippo Martin, is a travel price comparison service available as a website and an app similar to a number of others that let you find the cheapest costs for traveling expenses (flights, car rentals, and hotels).

Ever find yourself debating with your pals about how cheap (or expensive) it really is to fly around the world? Or how much hotel rooms cost?

TriToGo helps you get the best prices by giving you the information you need, when you need it!


TriToGo allows you to search for the cheapest flights, hotels, and car rentals around the world in a simple, easy-to-use search.

It requires an active wifi or data connection, and is offered in numerous languages and currencies (all easily selectable via a drop-down menu).

TriToGo generally works well and is simple to use, although the app is really just a mobile web version of their website (, so it looks and works better using a full size browser.

There are also some quirks that can cause confusion. For example, if you select English as your language, the screen converts to Afrikaans. You then have to select another language and then that language’s word for English to get back to English.

TriToGo Android App

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of TriToGo isn’t quite as polished and friendly as pure apps such as Kayak. If you’re using a tablet the screen is fine but on your phone it might be easier to use an actual travel-comparison app (like Kayak) that has been specifically designed to optimize your experience on the relatively small screen of an Android phone.

There are times when options are either too small to easily select or information runs off the screen.

The colors are attractive and a common font is used, although the logo is a bit jank and doesn’t look quite finished – which could reflect on the app’s overall development.

Strangely, an ad telling you to download TriToGo sometimes appears at the top and is linked to the TriToGo Google Play download, yet you’re already using TriToGo.

The layout is exactly like navigating any other website page, while being more optimized for viewing on a mobile device.

Overall, we found TriToGo to not be particularly impressive in its appearance and layout, but if other travel comparison apps don’t work on your device, TriToGo might be perfect for you.


The value of TriToGo travel is great for being free, but it is a bit redundant and not as well designed as other similar travel comparison apps.

TriToGo does help you save money and since it is a simple website app, it’s only a mere 600 kB.

Overall, we’d like it more if it wasn’t so webpage-like, but we do love how it is offered in more than thirty languages!

TriToGo requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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