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Knight’s Move Puts a New Twist on the Classic Game of Chess

Knight’s Move Puts a New Twist on the Classic Game of Chess

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Knight’s Move
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

If you’re like me, you’re always up for a good puzzle game, even if it’s the occasional word game or board game.

If this is the case, Knight’s Move, developed by Stealforge, is a game that’s definitely worth checking out.

Knight’s Move is a challenging twist on the classic game of chess is both addicting and frustrating (in a good way!).

Concept and Gameplay

Knight’s Move is similar to chess in that the board looks the same, but you’re only playing with the knight piece. The goal of the game is to move your knight to the door in as few moves as possible. It might sound easy, but it certainly isn’t.

The trick is that the rules of chess apply as far as where you can move your knight to, so you have to strategically move the piece around the board. Knight’s Move gets even harder as you reach higher levels, as there are other things you must collect, such as keys.

The fewer moves you make in Knight’s Move, the better your level rating will be. Level ratings are bronze, silver, and gold, and if you reach gold on a level you’ll collect a crown. Crowns are used to unlock additional game boards.

When it comes to gameplay and graphics, Knight’s Move isn’t full of fancy fluff or anything of the sort.

It’s a pretty straightforward game, which is great if you’re just looking for a fun puzzle game to challenge yourself. There’s also a very helpful tutorial that is great for getting used to the game.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Knight’s Move offers players plenty of content, which is great for a puzzle game because it means they won’t get bored anytime soon. From a great assortment of game boards to plenty of levels, there’s quite a bit to enjoy. In all, there are 190 puzzles to complete, 64 of which are free.

There are also daily bonuses to receive just for logging in, which helps you accumulate crowns even faster.

If you’re a player who is quite competitive, you’ll be please to know that Knight’s Move supports Google Play Games. This enables online saving, as well as multiplayer mode.


Knight’s Move can be downloaded from Google Play for free, and there are assorted in-app purchases for items, but the game itself is free of ads and completely playable without spending a dime.

Overall, Knight’s Move is a great chess game with a unique twist that’ll keep you playing for hours on end. It offers plenty of features and options for all kinds of players. I definitely recommend checking it out!

knight's_move.jpgKnight’s Move requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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