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Don’t Miss the Note in Middle Note Catch

Don’t Miss the Note in Middle Note Catch

 Price: Free
Middle Note Catch
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Reviewed by John Chau

Middle Note Catch is a simple and addicting game to play whenever you have some time to kill.

Developed by Middle Eight Software, Middle Note Catch is a virtuoso when it comes to simple side-scrolling Android games, and reminiscent of old handheld games, Middle Note Catch sends you on a quest to catch notes that fall from the sky in order to stay alive.


Middle Note Catch utilizes the Google Play Games to keep track of your high score, so it allows you to challenge not only those near you, but you can also challenge your online pals in seeing who can catch the most notes!

Between the leaderboard and its multiple Achievement levels (10, 50, 100, etc.) that you can unlock, it will keep your competitive juices flowing.

A nice touch worth noting is that as you progress along the screen, the developers have done a great job of making the seasons transition the farther along you go.

But don’t lose your concentration, you only have one life so if you miss a note you must unfortunately start all over, which makes Middle Note Catch quite a challenging game.

However, when you do start over, you start with a different season which helps make the game not as repetitive.

Overall, the mechanics of the game work quite well and this is a nice game to pick up and play anytime. It will keep you on your fingers as you tap away moving back and forth trying to catch the notes.

Middle Note Catch Android Game

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Middle Note Catch is nice and uncluttered, the images are polished, crisp and colorful.

We also like how it has blended in the old 8-bit feel with today’s more modern side scrolling art, and the result is a fun game that you can while away some time with.

One great little appearance detail that they included was little characteristics about each note for whichever season you were traveling through (i.e. Christmas hats during the winter).

The layout is simple, with the main screen only having three icons representing “play”, “leaderboard”, and your “achievements”. Once you hit the play button, there is a simple image that tells you to tap in front of, or in back of, the character to move forward or backwards respectively.

This is the only tutorial offered so while it does add one more tap before the game starts, it doesn’t get in the way. This works especially well for players who don’t like long intros or complicated tutorials to get up and running with a new game.

While the tutorial certainly helps when you first start the game, the high degree of difficulty can sometimes mean that you are shown the tutorial many times. On a replay you shouldn’t have to see that screen again and this is one aspect of the game we’d like to see improved in a later release.

All in all though, Middle Note Catch looks and feels great, and its musical soundtrack is superb.


The value of Middle Note Catch is splendid since it’s free and is a great way to spend time. It’s replayability is great and it’s a charm to just pick up again and play whenever you have a bit of downtime.

Overall, at 15 MB, Middle Note Catch is an easy catch to download and add to your repository of fun games you can just pick up and play.

Middle Note Catch requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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