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The Cleaner Will Give Your Phone a Boost

The Cleaner Will Give Your Phone a Boost

Price: Free
The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean
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Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Reviewed by Jim Desposito

If you’ve had your Android device for awhile it’s a sure bet that you’ve seen it slow down and have less and less storage available. It’s possible you need a new phone, but it’s also possible that you can get much more out of the phone or tablet you already have.

The Cleaner is a nifty utility that makes it easy to maximize the operation of your current Android device.


Developed by Liquidum Limited, this utility will not only clean up your device’s memory, storage, and conversations but it will also show you all the permissions that all of your apps have allowing you to revisit this important aspect of Android Apps and reconsider whether or not you’re happy with the situation.

Permissions aren’t necessarily a bad thing, certain functionality requires certain permissions, but sometimes an app with no need has a permission that you’d rather it didn’t. If you find such an offender, you can look for alternate apps that doesn’t need it.

The Cleaner Android App

The Cleaner Android App

Speaking of which, we’d like to see The Cleaner offer an option or a different version that does not require access to contacts. Some users are more sensitive to this than others and so may not try this helpful app because of it.

Overall though it features a simple interface that allows you to select which of its clean up functions you want to activate: memory, storage, or apps. By cleaning out the junk and assorted caches lying around your memory you may finally be able to play that intense game you can’t put down without stutters or jitters.

One of its capabilities we really like is how you can set it up to auto scan every 2 hrs, 6 hrs, daily, every other day, or weekly. This keeps your device ship-shape and you don’t even have to lift a finger to do it. It can also monitor you usage over a 48 hour period so you can see which apps you use most often.

Appearance and Layout

This utility is all about functionality and, as such, it’s critical that the operations of the app are easy to get to, clearly laid out, and well organized.

You don’t need any extra fluff, just something that you can get into and out of quickly with as little work as possible. The Cleaner is designed to do just that and delivers the goods.

You can also set it up as your theme or work quickly from your home screen using widgets.


This app is a must-have utility for anyone who uses their Android phone or Android tablet on a regular basis. It will keep your device running at its peak performance and make sure you get the most out of it for as long as you’re using it.

All of this and it won’t cost you a cent to download. Of course they do have to keep the lights on so there is the occasional ad but it’s really not intrusive and does not get in the way of using it.

Overall this app is really a terrific value. Not only is it free, but for only a couple of bucks you can eliminate the ads and download the additional themes they offer. Not a bad deal at all.

Cleaner3The Cleaner requires 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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