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Drink Socially with Bevy Social

Drink Socially with Bevy Social

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Bevy Social
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Bevy Social is all about getting you plugged in with your community of fellow drinkers, whether that’s microbrews, wines, coffees, or even things likes kombucha.

Developed by Apphive Free, Bevy Social lets you sip, snap, & share your favorite drinks anywhere you go.

Bevy Social is well-designed and perfect for fun social-drinkers. So if you love drinks, hanging out with pals, and helping create a database of totally rad drinks, check out Bevy Social and let the (responsible) drinking begin!


Bevy Social lets you capture that special moment of imbibing in a particular beverage with a particular friend (or friends) by simply tapping the Photo icon and snapping a pic (or selecting one from your gallery).

After getting that gnarly picture, you can then tag who you were drinking with in, select what type of drink it was, and write a brief description on the beverage (complete with a #Hashtag) to share to all of your Bevy followers.

Bevy Social also allows you to share your drinks with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram buddies!

If you ever wanted an easy way to create that marvelous drink list, Bevy Social easily gives you the ability to do just that.

Bevy Social Android App

Bevy Social Android App

Similar to other social media apps (like Instagram), Bevy Social uses a “follower” system where you can gain followers as well as follow someone else to see what they’re drinking.

If you’re especially proud of a drink you made or found, you can also create a showcase of your gnarly brews that you followers can view.

Since Bevy Social relies heavily on a social presence, you also can earn badges that motivate you even more to post snazzy snapshots of your beverages.

However, the best feature we found on Bevy Social is the Hangout feature in which you can easily choose a place, select your friends from your contact list, add in a cool caption, and send it off to them with the hopes that they too are down to grab some drinks.

Overall, Bevy Social is perfect for the social drinker, and although it may seem to be more geared toward the young bar crowd, it definitely provides enough non-alcoholic options in its categories that it’s great for everyone.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Bevy Social is similar to Instagram with a color scheme (various hues of blue) and even its mini-icon look remarkably close to Instagram’s. Although it does sport much more in-depth options.

We especially like that this app is light on permissions. It doesn’t require access to your contacts and lets you register with an email address. While the layout can seem a little complex for first time users, it rapidly becomes simpler once you explore around a bit.

Overall, Bevy Social looks and feels like a very well-made social drinking app that its developers definitely put time into making.


The value of Bevy Social is superb since it’s FREE, does not show ads, and offers you a new avenue to getting friends to hang out, as opposed to bland and boring text messages.

Overall, at 25 MB MB, Bevy Social is an easy download and that will ramp up your social life.

So check out Bevy Social, pick a fun place, snap some pics, and get the party started.

Bevy Social requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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