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Crime Coast: A Felony-Level Android Arcade Game

Crime Coast: A Felony-Level Android Arcade Game


Price: Free
Crime Coast
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years, we’ve seen a whole lot of the what we’re calling “build-and-play” games. These are those games that give you a plot of land, a couple of roads, and maybe a few objectives, too.

You’ll use all of that to build a full empire, conquering economies and obliterating your missions along the way. It’s a trend FarmVille kicked off, and one that’s been improved greatly since then.

All of that being said, Crime Coast is easily one of the more interesting, fun and unique entries in the genre.

Where most games might have you building roller coasters or settling into a cutesy village, Crime Coast, from Pixel Squad, has you doing the opposite.

Get your gangster on because in Crime Coast you’ll be busting perps out of prison, tipping over prime locations, and generally living up the criminal’s dream.

If that’s got you excited, then head on down below the break for the full review!

Concept and Functionality

Crime Coast Android Game

Crime Coast Android Game

As stated, Crime Coast shares a lot with its genre-specific cousins. It starts you out by giving you a full rundown of the gameplay, tutorial style.

You’ll spend your first five minutes building a few niceties, stealing from local businesses, and generally hamming it up with the lower class. However, the richness of this experience cannot be understated.

Like other titles in the field, there’s a lot of complexity here. But what really hooks you in is that criminal element. The concept itself lends itself to this kind of richness, and the reward is terrific.

Crime Coast is a game that’s large, inviting, and endlessly fun.

As example, consider how you product units. Criminals are locked up in your jail, and can be busted out via your corrupt lawyer. Take those guys out for a job, and if a few of them get devastated, just bust out additional units.

Need more units? Update that Scarface-style mansion to allow a little more posse to your party. Not to mention the variety of other specialty units like the hospital, warehouses, machine guns, mechanics, etc. It’s a wide, wild world out there, and Crime Coast presents a logical (and fun) way to access it.

To sum it up, Crime Coast actually succeeds where a lot of its competition fails: It lets you become a tycoon of industry, but in a way that makes perfect sense and is unique.

Design and Concept

Even better, Crime Coast actually has a fantastic art style. We say “actually,” because usually with these entries we see the same objects over and over: Bubble graphics, cute kittens, high-luminosity crops, etc. Instead, Crime Coast has a retro-themed, sprite-based graphics set that’s absolutely phenomenal.

The characters and units (of which there are an absolute mess-load) are all well-designed, and the environments are in no way cheap. A great deal of attention has been paid to making this a solid, conceptualized outing. The end result is truly a shining example of what the genre can do when given the appropriate hard work.

Overall Value

Considering Crime Coast is free to play, there’s not a whole lot of reason not to grab it. If you’re a fan of the field, or even just of arcade games in general, you’ll get a lot out of Crime Coast. It’s beautiful, inventive, fun, and pretty rewarding in the long-run.

We even enjoyed being able to snitch out others, as well as the coy pop-culture references.

All in all, this is a titan amongst its peers. Crime Coast earns a solid five out of five from us, as well as our gangster respect.

qrcode.30027493Crime Coast requires Android version 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Comment

  1. I love this game because it nearly same as boom beach and clash of clan.. the thing that make me addicted is i’m become king of gangster or thug.I love raid other people and redesign my city to make it stronger.. the problem is
    1. Oppenent base is at the edge of map and i cannot deploy my gang..then, i make the same base but my base get raid easily and they can deploy at the road of map..
    2. where is the red line,so i can rearrange my base..
    3. This game have no sync with google play,why?
    4. No alert or noyification come after 5he builder finish their work.. because i always set they alarm for continues upgrade..
    Lastly,i would like to say that,this game is realy awnsome..

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