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Tribeway: Making the Digital World Your Tribe

Tribeway: Making the Digital World Your Tribe


Price: Free
Tribeway : Interactive Sharing
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

To make a long, wide story very short and skinny, there are easily thousands of communication tools on the Internet.

Throw a stick, and you’re liable to hit something gnarly with ten screens and a radio antenna attached—metaphorically speaking.

So what on earth would make us want to review another one? The answer is surprisingly simple: Because of how damn useful this thing is!

Tribeway is a multi-method communication powerhouse that combines a unique set of tools, and does so in a manner that’s pleasing to the sense, easily navigated, and useful in your everyday life.

Think about that for a second: How many other utilities can you name that manage all three? It’s quite remarkable, and for our full look, you need only to slide down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

Tribeway, from Ittiam Systems Pte Ltd, is not very accurately described as a VoIP provider, though that’s what it most resembles.

Yes, the application will let you make calls to your loved ones and amigos. However, it also has an extreme focus on taking that experience one farther. Using the title’s cleverly named Snap-n-Share or Share-n-Talk services, you can help your other conversationists better experience your surroundings.

Tribeway Android App

Tribeway Android App

How’s the voodoo work? Tribeway gives you a couple ways in which you can share photos of your current view. The first, Share-n-Talk, lets you show photos held directly on your device.

Tribeway is kind of like show and tell, only broadcasted over the Internet.

The other method, Snap-n-Share is even cooler. It lets you call your mates, and then send them live-streamed photos as you’re doing it.

In this way, it’s a lot like Skype chat, except more immersive. There’s something very rewarding about being able to hold a conversation while sending relevant images simultaneously. In this context, it is absolutely true that a photo is worth a thousand words.

Outside of this, Tribeway also lets you text friends as much as you like. This is a more standard feature, to be sure, but combined with calling (visual or not) it really adds up. 

Design and Graphics

Another notch in Tribeway’s favor is the fact that it looks (and performs) as well as it does.

This is not an application developed and researched by a major manufacturer like Samsung or HTC. That being said, you wouldn’t exactly know it.

Every inch of this title has been engineered to look sleek, professional and seamless. Its newsfeed is immaculate, and the during-call performance was nothing to sneeze at. We had no problems, and we are inclined to believe the developer’s claims that Tribeway is easy on your data. We haven’t had the app long enough to vet that, but we’ve got confidence in the claim based solely on the app’s design.

Overall Value

You can go ahead and grab Tribeway today, for free, off the Google Play Store. This will give you plenty of opportunity to play with the application, and see if it’s a good fit for your life.

If you’re like us, however, the value will be pretty readily apparent.

Tribeway is a great communication resource, and no matter if you’re looking to make international calls or just stay a little more connected, it will do what you want and more.

TribewayTribeway requires Android version 1.3.4+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Found this app really useful specifically when you would not want to share pictures to group. The voice clarity is simply superb. Try it out.


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