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Greater Toronto Area News Keeps Locals and Visitors in the Know

Greater Toronto Area News Keeps Locals and Visitors in the Know

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Greater Toronto Area News
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Toronto is a bustling town. There’s always something going on, and if the streets themselves are a little quiet—they never are—then there’s something happening within the politics of the town: looking at you, Rob Ford.

But with all the good and the bad that happens inside the city limits, it can sometimes be a real challenge to stay on top of current events. What’s the solution?

Simply pop open Greater Toronto Area News, and the vast majority of the hard work has been taken care of for you.

The app serves as an aggregator, compiling information from a variety of local sources into one single pane of reference. And if that’s got your interest piqued, then head on down below the break for our full review.

Concept and Functionality

The core idea behind Greater Toronto Area News, developed by VTWorkz, is fairly simple: what if there were an application that enabled Torontonians to quickly and easily get all of the local news they desire, without having to scramble through multiple sites or multiple newspapers? The end result is exactly what you see before you.

Greater Toronto Area News is well designed for easy navigation and offers a multitude of informative options for its readers.

Each option brings something interesting to the mix. You’ll get the Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail, CBC, Brampton Guardian, SportsNet, and even The Mississauga News. All of this in one convenient spot, every day that you want to use it.

How does this work? Simply pull up the app, and then click on the news source you’re after. The app pulls in a stream of headlines, and then displays the results in a handy reader view for you to peruse. Click on any story that sounds good, and the results will similarly be displayed right there for you to read.

Greater Toronto Area News Android App

Greater Toronto Area News Android App

Greater Toronto Area News is quick, comprehensive and utilitarian—things that we highly praise in an app!

Design and Interface

In fact, the only place where we might have some criticism with Greater Toronto Area News are within its layout.

The app is in no way a bad-looking title. Rather, with so many readers and news sources out there today, there’s just not a lot to distinguish it visually from its peers.

Still, a lot can be said for the convenience you’re receiving here. No other news app has such a broadly Toronto-centric focus. You’d be hard-pressed to find more information than what Greater Toronto Area News can offer you, that’s for sure.

Overall Value

It also greatly helps Greater Toronto Area News’ case that it happens to be totally free in the Google PlayStore.

Yes, you heard that correctly! It won’t cost you a dime to start using the application. For any dedicated Torontonian, the value in that is likely immediately apparent.

All in all, Greater Toronto Area News is a fantastic app for those in need. If you’ve been looking for a total Toronto news source, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Greater Toronto Area News requiGreater Toronto Area Newsres Android version 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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