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Hello Pal: The World is at your Fingertips (and Ready to Chat)

Hello Pal: The World is at your Fingertips (and Ready to Chat)

Price: Free
Hello Pal: Talk to the World
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re one of our long-time readers (if so, thanks for sticking around!) then you’ve probably heard me mention that I speak French. However, I didn’t always speak it—and like most folks, getting to fluency was a tough ride for the young author.

Hello Pal is an inventive, innovative way to start speaking a foreign language in seconds.

I say all of this just to add some credibility to the thought that, had I had this app on my smartphone (if they’d existed at the time, that is) I could have learned French a heck of a lot faster.

In fact, I could have learned any language at a much greater speed than ordinarily would have been possible.

This is the real magic of Hello Pal, from the developer of the same name, and if you’re looking to learn a new language with as little effort and fuss as possible, it’s your guy. For more on it, peek down below the break.

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind Hello Pal isn’t necessarily new, but it’s absolutely presented in a way that’s invigoratingly fresh.

Rather than having you study complex grammar, syntax and vocabulary, it just thrusts you out into the world like a swaddling babe. It pairs you with a native speaker, and then provides you with a handful of introductory phrases.

Type or physically speak the phrases into your phone, and away they go! It’s that easy to begin a conversation, even in a language you didn’t know existed minutes before.

It’s an incredible thought, and one that’s executed well here within Hello Pal. We had no problems starting conversations, and after a while, you really do begin to pickup the new tongue. This makes sense—immersion is far and away the best method for language learning.

Hello Pal Android App

Hello Pal Android App

With this at the forefront, Hello Pal is perhaps the easiest way we’ve ever found to find and talk with native speakers. Best of all, you can do every bit of it without leaving your armchair!

Design and Interface

Usually, when an app has a great idea and is brand new on the market, the design is what suffers most. However, Hello Pal does not fall victim to any part of this generality. The app looks fantastic, reminding us greatly of our favorite app ever, Duolingo.

The buttons are flat and easy to navigate, while the graphics are delightfully cute and inviting. The translation mechanisms have been folded in in such a way that they’re nearly seamless. This is vital—and a roaring success—as we’re obviously focusing on immersion where possible.

All together, Hello Pal is a fantastic bit of design, and one we can easily recommend on looks alone.

Overall Value

Let’s put it this way: would you rather spend hours studying in a stuffy library, peering through grammar tomes, or chatting with real native speakers from the comfort of your own home? If the latter (and we think it is) then Hello Pal is your new best friend.

And in fact, it already is ours. Minus a problem with NSFW communications, there’s absolutely nothing keeping this app from being a fantastic tool in your Batman belt of language learning.

qrcode.30305557Hello Pal requires Android version 4.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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