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Swipe Right With Training for Tinder

Swipe Right With Training for Tinder

 Price: $0.99
Training for Tinder
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Training for Tinder is a fun swiping game for the Android that is hilarious to play.

Developed by T-Me Games from Romania, Training for Tinder may not actually increase your skills on Tinder, but is sure to get your fingers in shape for rapid swiping.

Fast paced and filled with useful nuggets of relationship advice, Training for Tinder is perfect for those single guys and gals who seem to be forever browsing Tinder – now they can swipe around even more on Training for Tinder!


Training for Tinder is a simple Android game where the main objective is to swipe to the left or to the right (to reject or accept, respectively) various cartoon “profile” pictures whilst obeying the varying rules for each level (e.g. select 20 brown haired girls).

Training for Tinder Android App

Training for Tinder Android App

Besides swiping and being focused on completing each level, it has a coin system that is used to unlock future levels – simply complete a level for coins or watch video ads.

This light-hearted Tinder parody game will improve your reflexes while exercising your index finger.

Training for Tinder also gives you hilarious dating advice after each level is complete, ranging from childish humor to adult humor, so maybe don’t let your five-year old play this game.

One thing we didn’t particularly like about the “pre-release” version of the app was the high amount of Permissions we had to allow in order to install and play this game.  Thankfully in the released version that’s not an issue.

Overall though, Training for Tinder is a hip, fun and entertaining game that can keep you occupied for hours.

Appearance and Layout

Training for Tinder looks marvelous, with a fun cartoon style prevalent throughout the app.

The characters are hand-drawn and fit with the whole parody-on-Tinder theme ranging throughout this game.

The layout is simple to navigate around with the usual settings icon to tap if you want to turn off the sound. Adding more coins is relatively easy, and scrolling through the unlocked levels is also pretty simple.

Overall, we love the way that Training for Tinder looks. We tip our hats to the developers for a great design job!


The value of Training for Tinder is $0.99 USD, and it’s only 16.5 MB to download.

Overall, Training for Tinder is an easy recommendation and download. It’s an interesting departure from your standard gaming fare, it’s fun to play and if you’ve had any experience with Tinder, it will be even more entertaining.

downloadTraining for Tinder requires Android 4.0. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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