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Play for Prizes Lets You Win Real Prizes Just for Gaming

Play for Prizes Lets You Win Real Prizes Just for Gaming

Price: Free
Play For Prizes (Beta) – Win
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

While many games are fun to play just to pass the time, a growing trend is games that offer real prizes just for playing that game.

Play For Prizes lets players compete against each other for a global high score and the winner receives a real reward just for playing the game.

Concept and Functionality

The goal of Play For Prizes, by Another Mobile, is to help your character navigate the screen and collect stars to earn points. If you happen to bump into a falling sword or come in contact with it once it’s on the ground, the game is over.

Each round is timed and ends once the timer runs out if you don’t hit a sword.

When it comes to controls I found Play For Prizes to be a little tough to get used to, especially when it came to making my character jump. To move him left and right you simply need to tap on the bottom corners of your device. To make him jump, however, you have to tap on the upper right corners.

I found that it’s much harder to find the correct spot for jumping because most of the time my character refused to jump seeing as I wasn’t tapping in the right spot.

I also noticed that stars reward more points if you pick them up when they first appear on the screen, so jumping is a pretty important part of the game if you want a high score.


Play For Prizes Android Game

Play for Prizes Android Game

Play For Prizes is a pretty simple game and doesn’t include too many extra features, but one nice thing is that players can compete across a variety of leaderboards.

The different leaderboards will get your competitive juices flowing and you’ll find this game hard to put down.

There’s a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard and each features a different prize.

I do want to mention that you have to register with the game in order to have your score recorded. Registration consists of providing a nickname, password, and email address for prize notifications.

You can still play Play For Prizes even if you choose not to register but you won’t be able to collect prizes.


Play For Prizes can be downloaded for free from Google Play. According to the game’s download page, it’s still in beta mode so there’s a chance that you’ll encounter bugs.

Overall, Play For Prizes is a fun game that offers a chance at real prizes if you reach the top of the leaderboards.

Even if you’re not looking to compete for prizes it’s still a fun game to play, so I recommend giving it a try.

play_for_prizes.jpgPlay For Prizes requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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