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Easily Control Your PC via Android with Controller for Win10 Free

Easily Control Your PC via Android with Controller for Win10 Free

Controller for Win10 Free
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Those of you who were brave enough to upgrade to Windows 10 when it first came out probably noticed a few significant improvements to the operating system.

Controller for Win10 Free is a very cool Android app that lets you access many features of Windows 10 right on your Android device. The app works great and makes the new operating system even more enjoyable to use.

Concept and Functionality

Being able to control your computer from your mobile device certainly isn’t a new concept, but most apps that attempt to do so fail in one way or another.

Judging by the app’s Google Play description, I noticed that Controller for Win10 Free, from Kerim Kaynakci, promised quite a bit as far as functionality and features, but did it deliver?

In short, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

You have to go through the steps of downloading the Windows 10 software to your computer, booting it, starting up the server-side of the app on your pc and connecting to it using the app on your Android. Keep in mind that both your computer and your Android must be on the same wireless network in order for it to work.

Once you’re connected, you can drag your finger across your device’s screen to move your mouse, navigate between windows, perform searches, and much more.

Problems do occur with devices that require connecting via networks, and Controller for Win10 Free offers options for both automatic and manual connections. The app does a good job of walking new users through the process of connecting, though, so hopefully any incurred problems are short-lived.


Controller for Win10 Android App

Controller for Win10 Android App

Controller for Win10 Free offers a plethora of great features that go beyond simple mouse and keyboard manipulation. This includes helpful shortcuts to Windows 10 features such as searches, tiles, and more.

Users can even perform actions using custom gestures within the app. Cortana, the Windows version of Siri and Google voice search, is also easily accessible within Controller for Win10 Free if you purchase the pro upgrade.

On the Windows side, the server for Controller for Win10 Free includes just as many features as the app. This is especially true for customization and fine-tuning everything to your liking.


Controller for Win10 Free is avaialble to download from Google Play for free, and there’s a full version upgrade for $1.99. The pro version offers unlimited voice commands, unlimited custom gestures, extra virtual keyboard keys, the ability to talk to Cortana, power options for remotely shutting down your PC, and much more.

In terms of value, I definitely think the pro version is worth the price given all the additional functionality it provides over that of Controller for Win10 Free to your Windows 10 computer.

The app is stable, easy to use, and should prove to be incredibly helpful if you need a handy way to control your PC.

controller_win10_free.jpgController for Win10 Free requires Android 2.2+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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