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Money Machine 2 is a Fun Timewaster, but Excessive Ads Are a Pain

Money Machine 2
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Money Machine 2 is a coin pusher simulation game for Android that’s fun to play and turns the classic gambling game into something that’s a bit more expansive.

Developed by MentallSoft, this new game is addicting to play at first, but excessive ads take away from the overall experience of the game.

Concept and Gameplay

If you’re not familiar with coin pusher games, the concept is simple. The goal of the game is to drop objects (in the case of Money Machine 2, bundles of cash) onto a platform with a moving pusher. The object is to stack enough cash so that it gets pushed off the end of the platform, thus adding money to your virtual bank. You can use money to purchase things like buildings, gold blocks, and emeralds, which give you more money when they drop.

While the game itself is initially pretty fun, the amount of ads was enough to make me want to quit playing alltogether.

This is a tap-based game and ads pop up just a second or two after the game starts, meaning they’re strategically timed so that the user has a better chance of accidentally tapping an ad instead of playing the game.

This sort of predatory game design takes so much away from the players’ experience and I know Money Machine 2 would be a decent game if its sole purpose wasn’t to bombard players with ads.


Money Machine 2 Android Game

Money Machine 2 Android Game

As I mentioned before, Money Machine 2 does include upgrade options, which makes for an expansive game. At the very least, these upgrades encourage you to turn a blind eye to the ads and keep playing in order to unlock upgrades for bigger purchases.

Other than that, Money Machine 2 is pretty bare-bones. The game lacks any sort of leaderboard or achievement integration, which is unfortunate because I think it would do well with leaderboards at the very least. This would give players a bit more incentive to keep playing even if it’s only to earn more money than their friends.


Money Machine 2 can be downloaded from Google Play for free, but free doesn’t always mean good. The game itself is somewhat fun to play, but the ad baiting is ridiculous.

Personally I wouldn’t mind if ads were simply displayed at the bottom of the screen or full-screen ads in between sessions, but the tactically-timed pop ups are excessive.

Overall, if you’re willing to ignore the ads, Money Machine 2 is a fun and addictive game to play that’s good for passing time. The game could definitely use improvements, and hopefully the developer shifts focus from ad revenue to game quality.

Overall, we’d like to see the developers tone down the ads and build on the quality of the gaming experience to motivate players to buy upgrades.

money_machine_2.jpgMoney Machine 2 requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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